Bird watching tour in Nepal is always considered as a recreational activity that helps you to monitor different species of birds through our naked eyes or by using different equipment’s like binoculars, telescope, etc. Nepal is one of the best places for bird watching as Nepal has the diverse range of ecosystem from lowland subtropical forests and to the high altitude environment of Himalayas takes you to discover over 850 species of birds. Nepal is not only known for stunning scenery and cultural contrasts but also it is famous due to the paradise for a birdwatcher. It is naturally blessed with a vast collection of amazingly rich bird life, making Nepal one of the best destinations for Bird Watching lovers. Because of the amazing range of habitats discovered, over 850 species of birds had been recorded, more than in any other region of equal size in Asia. Nepal is the house for about 10% birds of the world’s population of birds. The sight of rare bird producing incredible delight, the beauty of nature and birds are the legendary symbols of Nepal.

The bird watching tour in Nepal give you the opportunity to explore  lowland jungle of Terai, Wildlife Reserves, and many other conversational areas and Parks. 500 species of birds are found only in the capital city Kathmandu alone. The best places for bird watching tour packages in Kathmandu are Phulchowki Bird Watching Tour, Godavari Bird Watching Tour, Nagarjun Hill Hiking, Bagmati River for Bird Watching, and Taudaha Lake and so on. Likewise, Chitwan national Park and Bardia National Park also have the wide range of birds. Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve, another sighting of an absurd variety of both resident and migratory birds that come from far away from Siberia.

The bird watching tour in Nepal gives the opportunity to see different variety of birds which will make your trip memorable. You will be mesmerized by the enjoyable view of many species of birds along with the panoramic mountainous view, glimpses of wild animals and exposure to the local people’s culture and traditions. Nepal is famous for the home of some endangered birds like Impeyan Pheasant, Nepal’s national bird Danfe and the Spiny Babbler. The birds watching program takes you to explore the birds as well as you will be explore diverse wildlife in some famous wetlands and National Parks of Nepal.

Nepal not only offers incredible trekking destinations but also the very famous bird watching sites where you can spend your precious moments by observing the rare and migratory bird species in the exceptionally beautiful nature.