Jungle Safari in Nepal is the popular wildlife tour in Nepal. It takes you to the dense tropical forests of Terai Region where you can explore many species of rare and endangered wild lives including beautiful migratory birds. Chitwan National Park is the first established national park of Nepal and the top famous destination for Jungle Safari.

Jungle Safari adventure is an easy tour in Nepal in which peoples of any age group can join and enjoy. This can also be taken as Family Tour in Nepal. Moreover, the Jungle Safari Tour in Terai Region of Nepal offers great chance to explore the local communities and their unique traditions/cultures and lifestyles. So, this can also be called nature with culture tour.

Why Jungle Safari in Nepal?

Nepal has a unique geographical landscape where the lowland of Terai and the highest mountain of the world resides in short distance. Nepal has 14 national parks and wildlife reserves many of which have dense tropical jungles packed with varied wildlife and various unique birds. The tropical jungle of the Terai has some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. Chitwan National Park itself contains over 43 species of animals. Both Chitwan and Bardia National Parks are popular Jungle Safari destinations in Nepal. Either by riding on elephant-back, 4WD jungle drives, dugout canoes, or on foot with a licensed and experienced guide you will observe and enjoy protected wildlife habitats during Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal. Another interesting way to experience this amazing landscape is riding an elephant.

Best Time for Jungle Safari Tour

The best time for jungle safari in Nepal is from February through May as during this time it is basically dry and has short grass. The autumn months can also be gorgeous, with beautiful distinct views of the Himalayan range. A trip in the winter months (December-January) could also be considered in of the low land national park as weather will be pleasantly warmer compared to Kathmandu. Though the monsoon season (July-August) is intense, with pounding rain, swollen rivers, and luxuriant vegetation it can still be an interesting time to visit since many birds are seasonal in their migration but it is very challenging. Nevertheless while the rain isn’t constant, the humidity is all pervasive.

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