How to Choose a Best trekking Company in Nepal?

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The most important part for a successful holidays in the Himalayas is to choose a right trekking company. Choosing a good trekking agency is not easy but you should consider some important points before booking your trekking package with a trekking operator. The common mistake of many trekkers is they only focus on trip cost. They ignore the rest of the things and they become in trouble after the booking is done. There are several things to be confirm to make a trek booking with a trekking company. Before booking a trekking package a trekking agency promises a lot of things but after the reservation they might not able to fulfill your expectations. This article describes about the major things. So to make your vacation a memorable one; consider the following tips:

Tips on Choosing a Trekking Company for your Himalayan Holidays:

1.)   Government Registration and License

A legally registered trekking agency is liable to operate your trekking in the Himalayas. So check the company registration and valid date before you book with them. Also check the license and affiliation of one of these organizations: Ministry of tourism, Trekking Agents Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Tourism Board. Although government registration and license can’t guarantee the best service but it provides some assurance for legal part.

2.)   Trekking Cost and Service List

A reliable and professional trekking company offers list of service that offers with clear cut trekking cost. There shouldn’t be any hidden cost which a trekker have to bare after the reservation/booking done. So be clear on the trekking agent which offers straightforward communication with service includes and excludes on trip cost can operate your trip successfully. So compare the services and price before you book your trekking.

3.)   Experience of the staff

In the remote part of Himalayas there might be several problems arise and need to solve immediately. Booking a hotel/lodge, serving first aid treatment, choosing hygienic food and facing with environmental issues are the common things. To assure the situation is right condition, only an experience trekking guide porters can do it. So check the field staffs experience and confirm before you book. An experience staff on a particular route takes you without any difficulties. So ask about the staffs who are leading your trek and be sure on their professional service and experience.

4.)   Equipment and Safety Standard

A responsible trekking company offers quality equipment and always concern on safety standards. It is the most important things for trekking. A trekking agency should follow the safe way to make the trip success. Ask to the trekking agency about the emergency rescue and support, general problems and necessary equipment. Also the eco-friendly tools and technique should be follow by the company to make the environment safe.

5.)   Book with Trekking Agency or Trekking Portals

In this current situation, trekking portals are dominating trekking organizers by existing in the social media and search engines. Trekking portals are also companies’ offers trekking package but they are not the real trek operators. They sell the trip from the trekking agencies and charge certain commission and outsource the trekking companies. If you directly deal with the trekking agencies they might offer reasonable price and professional handpicked services.

Booking a trek with a trekking agency will be flexible to change the dates, batches and refunds whereas trekking portals might not. So always advisable to the trek with the real operators. If you are solo trekking in Nepal, it is not recommended.

6.)   Read the reviews from past clients

Reviews on the service of a trekking agency is highly important things which helps to select a trekking company. Read the reviews by previous trekkers and be sure about the reliability of the agency.,, google business and facebook page reviews might be helpful for you to choose a good trekking agency.


There are too many trekking agencies and trekking portals presence in the world. Before booking your trekking with a trekking agency or a trekking portal consider the above given topics. Check the reliability of the company by comparing different things. You will always feel comfortable holidays if you give some time to find the right company.

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