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Charikot is a formal name of Bhimeshwor. It is located in North-eastern part of Nepal. This city is located in Province no. 3. And it is the headquarters of Dolakha district. There was population of 32,486 according to Nepal census of 2011.  The town is located above 1554 above. The region is bordered by Khimti Khola River from the East and Sun Koshi River from the West.

Geography and Climate

The area is sloped gently to the Tibetan town of Khasa.  Charikot is a beautiful region. There is produce lot of volcanic foods in the riverrine. On the bank of the river, in subtropical range banana trees, guava is cultivate. Fishing is done in Bank of the river. Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Millet are main crops grown over here.

The climate of charikot is warm and temperate. The average temperature is 14.7 degree celsius annually and the average rainfall is 2091 mm annually experience. The highest temperature in Charikot is on July. The temperature on July ranges to 19.4 degree Celsius. The coldest temperature is 7.5 degree celsius on January.  July is the main season when rainfall occurs in heavy amount. The best time to visit Charikot is March-May and September-December.

How to Reach Charikot?

The distance between Kathmandu and Charikot is 72 km (45.4 miles) in total. Charikot is in the west side of Kathmandu. It takes around 1.46 hours to reach Charikot per 50 km drive in hour. There are local buses route from Kathmandu. It takes around 3 hour 20 min to reach Charikot from Kathmandu. You can hire taxi/bus/jeep/car. It takes around 2 hour 33 min to reach there.

Places of Interest to Visit

Dolakha Bhimsen Mandir

It is a Religious sacred place in Dolakha district. It is temple with the statue of Bhimsen. The monuments of temple and its surroundings’ are quite amazing. They are carve from stones. This temple is a popular religious site for Hindu devotee. This temple has a strong belief. It is said that, the statue sweats itself if anything wrong is going to happen in the country like any disaster, etc. Dolakha Bhimsen Mandir is located at Dolakha Bazaar. It takes around 45 min to reach the temple from Charikot by foot.

Rolwaling Valley

Rolwaling Valley is the valley below Mt. Gaurishankar. It is in the east-west direction. This valley is just south to Tibetan Border. This area is totally isolate and culturally diverse area. The area consists of Glacier Lake. It is located in Himalayan range. You can trek over here. Rolwaling trek is one of the most hidden treks of Nepal. The trek is very much unique and offers wide view of massive mountains. It is very adventurous trek.

Culture is Charikot

There are people who follow the religion like, Hinduism and Buddhism. The Hindu is great followers of Lord Shiva, and Durga. They celebrate main festival as Dashain by praising Durga (kali) for ten days. There are many wrong faiths on them like Tantric and Jhankris. People like Tamang, Brahmin, Chetri, Magar, live around here. They follow many rituals in their culture. People celebrate many other festivals like Tihar, Sankratis, Budhha Jayanti, New Year, etc. They practice over folk songs and folk dance.

Hotels in Charikot

Some of the famous hotel with best accommodation facility near Charikot town is list below:

  • Kalinchowk S K Home Stay Pvt Ltd
  • Kalinchowk Heaven Resort Pvt Ltd
  • Sagarmatha

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