Manaslu region trekking  is one of the hidden gem in the central north part of Nepal. Manaslu towering at 8167m the 8th highest peak of the world is conquered by few and acclaimed as one of the most dangerous 8000er peak. The Manaslu region trekking gives you an opportunity to walk through one of the most varied landscape due to it’s wide altitude variation. The trek starts from Arughat which is at mere 500m and goes to the elevation of Larkya pass at 5143m. You experience the sub tropical climate to the high mountain climate in one trek. At the end of your trek you also traverse through the section of Annapurna circuit trek making it an ace. The journey is full of scenic locations, beautiful villages, rich Tibetan influenced culture and amazing mountain views. The Manaslu region trek can be done directly through the Larkya or visiting the isolated and sacred villages of Tsum valley. It requires a special permit to get in this region which is still far away from the modern civilization. We can see the Buddhist monasteries, Mani walls, prayer flags all along our way. The region is attracting more visitors in recent years. However, the authenticity and the unmatchable panorama is still intact which the visitors get to see still today. Manaslu region trek is certainly a great way to see diverse Nepal and soak in it’s pure form.

Manaslu Region Trekking Package is located in a distant, secluded, and outstanding trekking area of the Himalayan territory of Nepal than all other remarkable  treks like Annapurna region trekking and Everest region. Manaslu Region  trek is located in the west-central part. The trek starts by touring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu heading towards Trekking Packages in Manaslu.

While on the trip we get the chance to marvel about the heavenly viewpoints of Mt. Manaslu (8163m), the eight highest mountain on the planet, combined with an opportunity to observing the biodiversity of the territory and rich local heritage. Diverse ethnic groups can be found in this district with whom you can have discussion to know about their lifestyle. Citizens of Mansalu region follow Hinduism and Buddhism religion here.

Highlight of Manaslu Region Trekking

  • There is no requirement of domestic flights as the trailhead is reached over land.
  • There are teahouses arranged, so trekkers don’t have to bring food and tents, making it more reasonable and accessible
  • 10 pinnacles of more than 6500m (21,300 ft.) are viewed during the trek
  • You may get to see blue sheep.
  • Unique social encounters with the Tibetan and mountain locals
  • The beautiful scenery amid the trek is an opportunity for photography lovers.

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the most popular way to explore the nature and culture in the Himalayas. Trekking packages gives an interacting option to the local people, explore the culture, religion and lifestyle as well as walking through many places.

Nepal is the ultimate for the trekking enthusiast – offering a myriad of possibilities from the short and easy to the demanding challenges of the snowy peaks. Easy, moderate or rigorous – there is something for every palate. Nepal has aptly been called “A Trekkers Paradise” as her terrain – mountains, hills and the Tarai – offers some of the most spectacular trekking routes in the world.

For trekking in the Himalayas do not need any special experience. Trekking is just walking, and anyone who is moderately fit and has a sense of adventure will enjoy hiking and Trekking in Nepal. The immense contrasts in altitudes and climates found here support an equally spectacular mix of lifestyles, vegetation and wildlife. Trekking in Nepal is as much a cultural experience as a Himalayan adventure.

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