Dhulikhel is located at the eastern rim of Kathmandu valley. It is a municipality. This city is located in kavrepalanchok district of Nepal. Two major highways passes through Dhulikhel i.e. BP Highway, Araniko Highway. Dhulikhel has feature that it has one of the best taste of drinking water. There are huge numbers of temples with traditions and superstitions in this city. This City has one radio Station F.M.-104 MHz Radio Madhyapurba. It is a community Radio Station. This helps to promote the local culture of its native place.

Geography and Climate

Dhulikhel Municipality was established in 2043. It has total 9 wards. There were 12 wards before. This place covers an area of 54.62 square kilometer. It is located 30 km away of Kathmandu valley. The average temperature of Dhulikhel city is 20 degree Celsius. Especially, summer is best to treat tourist .

This municipality receives an annual rainfall about 1500 milliliter. The total population density of Dhulikhel municipality is 582 per sq. km.

How to Reach Dhulikhel?

There are many ways to travel from Kathmandu to Dharan. Air, Bus, Train, Car transport are easily available in country. It takes about 1 hour 26 min by air to reach Biratnagar, then you can catch bus which takes 30 min to reach Dharan. It takes 26 hour 41min to reach Dharan by Bus. You can hire car or jeep to reach quickly. Local buses are available.

Places of Interest to Visit Dhulikhel

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue

It denotes the statue of Lord Shiva. This place is best place to visit and enjoy. This city has tallest statue of Shiva in the world. The statue measures 143 feet high tall. This outstanding architecture attracts more than ten thousand visitors in a week. The statue is made up of copper, zinc, cement, and steel. We can try there some yoga and meditation. Amazing natural beauty view interacts the tourist most.

Namo Buddha Temple

Namo Buddha temple is about 40 km away from Kathmandu. It is one of the Buddhist pilgrimage and shrines site. This statue is known as “Thangru Tashi Yangtee Monastry”. It was established in 2013. This place is just an amazing place to visit and spend time.

Hotels in Dhulikhel

There is lots of way which provides accommodation on certain cost. Some neat, clean comfortable hotels and lodges in Dharan are:

  • Hotel Heinzursula
  • Himalayan Horizon
  • OYO 248 Hotel Galaxy
  • Visuddhi Alaya


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