Krishna Janmasthami

krishna janmasthami

Krishna Janmasthami is known as Janmasthami or Gokulashtami. Janmasthami is the annual festival celebrate by Hindu religious people. This festival is celebrate the birthday of Shree Krishna and to praise lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is a important festival in Hinduism religion. Shree Krishna is regard as the powerful incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Janmasthami is celebrate actually in midnight. Lord Krishna was born in dark, stormy and windy at night. Krishna Janmasthami is celebrate by playing dramas of little Krishna, singing, dancing , doing aarti, etc. in different places and in different forms.

When & How do we Celebrate Krishna Janmasthami?

Krishna Janmasthami is important festival among Hinduism Religion. It lies in monsoon months. Krishna Janmasthami is on August 24, 2019 according to Nepali calendar. It falls in August or September. Krishna Janmasthami is a day of bornday of krishna.

About 80 percent of population celebrates Krishna Janmasthami in Nepal. They celebrate Janmasthami by fasting to midnight and worshiping Lord Krishna’s Murtis (statue). They recite Bhagvata Purana and sings religious songs like Bhajan and Kritan. The temples of Krishna are decorate even individual houses are decorated. Shops, and houses, temples, stores carries motif of Krishna. They visit Krishna temple or Vishnu temple in this occasion. Many organization, schools, colleges, offices organize Krishna Drama and conducts programme.

People celebrate Sri Krishna’s Birth to free the nation from evils and demons. Krishna played important role on Mahabharata with theory of Bhakti and Karma and deeds which is narrate deeply in Bhagwat Geeta.


Krishna was born about 5000 years ago. Krishna is a son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Shree Krishna was born in prison of custody of Kansa. Kansa is a ‘mama’ (maternal uncle) of Krishna. His father decide to hand over his child to his friend Nand to save his child from Kansa. His father took across his child carrying him on head across Yamuna. Krishna is adopt by Nand and Yasodha. He is believe to be born in midnight at Mathura. Krishna was born on 8th of Bhadrapada month. Krishna grew up in Gokul. Lter, he grew up and killed his maternal uncle.

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