manang district

       Manang is a district of Nepal situate in North Central part of Nepal. Manang borders with Gorkha, Kaski, Lamjung and Mustang district. It is border with Tibet in the North. This district ranges above 1830 m. The area of Manang district is 2170 square km. Manang district is surrounded by many mountain regions like Mt. Peru, Manaslu, Muktinath, etc. Manang district is divided into 3 eco zones. This district is 250 km far away from Kathmandu valley the capital city of country. Manang is the most beautiful valley over South Asia. It is located in Annapurna region. Most part of the Manang town is preserved by old styles and hotels and lodges for tourism sector. It has a population of 6,527 according to 2011 census.

Geography and climate

      People living there have occupation like, herding yak, tourism and buy & sell products t tourists. Education system is basically best there comparing to the next regions. Children can get there qualified education. Recently road are constructed to reach there. Mainly fields are use in agriculture in northern part of town.

       The climate in Manang district is mild. Generally, the temperature is warm here. There is huge a,oumt of rainfall in summer. This place faces less rainfall during winter. The average temperature in Manang is 6.5 degree Celsius annually. The average rainfall record till now is 398 mm. June is experience as hottest month here with temperature of 12.1 degree Celsius. January is coldest month in Manang district with -0.6 degree Celsius. As this region lies in mountainous region, most of the time this town faces snow fall in winter.

 How to Reach Manang?

       Manang is far away district from Kathmandu valley about 250 km away. The airport was started in 1985. Daily basis flight to manang district is not accessible right around. You can flight to Pokhara and then hire or book a bus/jeep/car. It takes around 9 hour if you take flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and then drive to Manang. You also can take a bus from Pokhara. It takes around 9 hour to reach Manang. You also can choose trip from bus to Manang which takes around 15 to 20 hours.

Places of Interest to Visit Manang

 Tilicho Lake

       Tilicho Lake is a famous lake over a country situated in Manang district. It covers an area of 4.8 square km. This lake is a challenging trekking route. It is a lake of full beautiful blue water naturally. Many aquatic animals are found in this lake. It is the world highest altitude lake. People also say the heaven for this lake. It is situated over 4929 m above. It is the best destination for hikers and trekkers. This lake is said to be pass with different dangerous landslides. It is also a lake with religious site. This lake is surrounded by mountains. This region is best to trek from the Annapurna range.

Thorong La

     Thorong la is also pronounce as Thorung La. This place is situate in Manang district. It is a mountain pass elevation above 5416 above sea level. This pass is a place in Damodar hill which is in the north of Annapurna Himal. It is also a piece of heaven. People with huge numbers nowadays visit this region. Thorong La is highest point in Annapurna circuit. This pass is use not only by tourists but local traders also use this pass daily. It is also the best place to trek.

Culture in Manang

People living here mostly follow Buddhism. They work for trade and tourism sector. The major inhabitants here are Gurung, Magar, and Rai. Mostly, Hindu festivals are also celebrate here. People worships nature here. They agriculture products like buckwheat, oats and maize.

Hotels in Manang

  • Himalayan Front Hotel
  • Hotel Pristine Himalaya

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