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To see real Nepalese culture, hospitality and traditions can join in this trip.

Nepal Cultural Tour

Nepal Cultural Tour is our best holiday tour package for Nepal visitor. Those who want see real Nepalese culture, hospitality and traditions can join in this Package.

About Nepal Cultural Tour

Nepal Cultural Tour is our best holiday package tours for visitors. Real Nepalese culture, hospitality and traditions is a beneficial of  this Package.

Tihar & Dashain,

Tihar & Dashain is the greatest festival of Nepali Hindu. Dashain is the longest festival in Nepal. It will celebrated during 15 days. It is the national festival of all Nepali people either they are Hindus or Buddhist. The festival of uniting Nepali people with each other. Then Tihar is second largest Hindu festivals that are celebrated for five days in October or early November every year. Can call festival of lights that brings the worship of Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) too. Along with the worship of dog, crow, cow, ox then brother respectively. On the last day of the festival, brothers are blessed by their sisters.

Advantage of Nepal Cultural Tours

  1. You can Join with Local family to celebrate Nepali Cultural together,
  2. Join with local tradition with country side people then enjoy,
  3. Participant in local festival,

Available Packages

Tihar Festival
Trip duration:9 days Tihar Festival
Dashain Festival Tour
Trip duration:15 days Dashain Festival Tour