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About Sikkim

Are you planing to visit Sikkim? Your search for information ends here for sure. Here’s quick traveller’s guide to Sikkim. If you are looking for more information, we have created and nicely categorised the most informative contents about Sikkim and it’s neighbours, you can continue reading furthermore or you can also try asking on our travel fourms for answers. If you have already visited Sikkim, sharing your experiance with us is appreciated.

Why Visit Sikkim ?

Sikkim is a friendly, culturally rich, peaceful state, where virgin forests, lofty mountains, mystic valleys, lush green landscapes and spectacular mountain rivers run as its veins. There are hundreds of places to visit in Sikkim, a few days are not enough to visit Sikkim, average is 4 to 15 days. State offers everything from sightseeing, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering and even the gambling, yes the world class gambling! Sikkim is the second state in the country after Goa, where you can bet your money.

Please visit Sikkim, or all the contents here and also ask travelers who had been to Sikkim. Currently tourism has provided 15,000+ jobs in the state, and there are more than 200+ travel agencies registered, which is huge as per state population. Continue reading.

Neighboring Places:

Darjeeling is the Queen of northern hills. Kalimpong, Bhutan and north eastern state of India.

Best Time to Visit:

Winter can be too chilly for some, but high altitude places, such as Tsomgo lake and above receive substantial snowfall during the period resulting snow covered hills and valleys, which is a great attraction for many tourists. Summer is not so recommended, since monsoon brings rain and wind, the days become foggy and hazy, also the road blockage and minor landslides are common. Autumn and spring season could prove to be most suitable seasons to visit Sikkim, because the temperature becomes pleasant, views become picturesque and seasonal flowers and rhododendrons bloom in the high altitude.

How to reach Sikkim ?

By Air :

Sikkim’s own airport is being developed in Pakyong, but will take few years to complete, until then the only nearest airport to Sikkim is in Bagdogra, Siliguri, which falls in northern area of West Bengal, approximately 120 kilometers away from the state. Once arrived, one can also opt for helicopter service to reach Gangtok, Sikkim helicopter service operates a daily five-seater helicopter service between Ganktok and Bagdogra.

By Road :

Once arrived in Siliguri, (the main hub city of north east). It is 4 to 5 hours of drive to Gangtok. Road (National Highway NH31A) can be pretty bumpy, winding and tiring as vehicle enters the hill, but the scenery and cold wind should lit you up throughout the journey.

Hotels, Accommodation

First thing first is to find a nice Hotel in Sikkim. A pleasant and relaxing one, but be cautious, many people come through various travel agencies paying high and end up in a not so pleasant Hotels. So, it’s better to contact Hotels directly and compare their tariffs. It’s also a good idea to read hotel reviews in various travel sites before you decide where to stay. Here are list of hotels, where you can start your first search.