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Camping Trekking in Nepal is conducted in remote land of Nepal there are no tea house / lodges on the trail. Supplying all camping equipments along with the food and employ porters to carry your gear and sherpas to set up tents where you will be sleeping and well- trained cook will prepare hot meals to serve you.
In camping trekking you will get wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspect. Remote mountain village can be observed and can be read their unique culture. They are still untouched by modern civilization, no politics and they have a quite happy life with their distinctive culture and traditional that might be very interesting & unique to observe for foreigners.
Just you have to carry your small backpack with a water bottle, your day clothes and camera to capture good picture to make your journey memorable. Nepal Trekking Pass will take care of everything from arranging your meal by staff to scheduling your day to day activities with the whole crew.
A Sirdar (chief guide) is employed to pre-arrange and then to oversee the entire program. All land transportation, local permits, taxes, porter insurance, port dues, and entrance fees to National Parks or sites constituting an integral part of the trip are arranged.
Depending on the area, provisions are based either on fresh local food or a combination of local and imported ingredients.
While you are on camping trekking you will deserve excellent views, cultures life styles, costumes, philosophy. Under the canopy of icy, white, glittering mountains, you can have fabulous pastime with the simple, polite and enthusiastic porters, cooks, guides, sherpas and other team members. You can click down the magnificent natural beauties flora and fauna around your trekking camp.

Typical day on the Camping trek in Nepal
Our Camping trek starts around 6a.m with a cup of hot tea/coffee brought to your tent. Along with a bowls of hot water for your morning wash. Breakfast will be laid on the table consisting of porridge, toasts, eggs, pancakes and tea/coffee. Our staffs will pack the tents as well as rent of equipment so you have to pack your luggage before breakfast. Normally, our trek starts around 7:30 – 8:00 o’clock after our Morning breakfast. Starting earlier in the morning will give you a lot of advantage like cool morning when walking is easier. The morning air will be very clear. So, you can have unbelievable views of the Mountains than at the other times of day.
Our Porters carry trekker’s all personal belongings. Everyone walks at his or her own pace and as the group spreads out along the trail. There is a plenty of time to enjoy the views, meet the local people, take photographs and enjoy the flora and fauna. Even though you are with a group you can walk alone. Our assistance guide will be always with you to lead the way.
The porters are slower and cook crews (Sherpas) rush ahead to prepare lunch, which should then be ready when the groups arrive at around 11:00- 12:00 o’clock. Afternoon trek end about 3pm when you round ahead to discover your tents already set up by Sherpas in a field near village. The kitchen crew again prepares tea coffee; biscuits will be available in the camp. As we often camp near villages a trip to the local inn can provide some light entertainment. Later on, you have free choice to read book or explore surrounding area. The food provided is a combination of western and local cuisine by around 6 pm. The cooks and kitchen staff are fully trained to the highest standard so hygiene. In the evening all staffs makes fun by singing and dancing in the groups. After that around 8 pm most trekkers turn to their tents to enjoy a sound sleep.

Meals & Drinking water on a Camping Trek
We provide three tasty, plentiful and nutritious meals daily with a variety of local and western dishes. To start the day, breakfast consists of a choice of porridge, Muesli and cereal followed by Omelet, fried or scrambled eggs with Chapattis or bread. Lunch is generally a selection of salad, cooked vegetable dishes, pasta and traditional breads.
After a long day on the trail, dinner is a hearty 3 course meal soup, followed by a variety of vegetable, meat, rice and pasta dishes and completed with a simple dessert. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also provided after at all meals. We use as much fresh produce as possible and special diets are regularly catered for. The leaders are able to maintain very tight controls of health and hygiene in the Kitchen with respect to general cleanliness and food preparation and also within the group with respect to personal hygiene. This has allowed us to maintain remarkably high standards of health over many years of trek organization and good health is vital to an enjoyable and successful trek and climb. All foods are well cooked and vegetables are treated by potassium permanganate or iodine. 20- 30 Minute Boiled water is served for drinking. Antiseptic and Potassium or iodine treated water are provided for washing. Special dietary requirements can always be catered for.