Makalu Expedition

Mount Makalu (8,481 m) is the fifth highest mountain in the world. The mountain peak is technical one and need more technical knowledge to climb over it. Makalu Expedition in Nepal is challenging mountain climbing in eastern part of Nepal about 19 km far from Mount Everest.

In Nepal, there are eight of the ten highest mountains of the world and Mount Makalu is fourth tallest mountain in Nepal reaching above 8,000 m height. Makalu Expedition is and technical adventure that takes you to the summit of fifth highest mountain in the world.

Location of Mt Makalu

Makalu lies in the eastern Himalayas range just 19 Km southeast of the Mount Everest (8,848) in the boarder of Nepal and Tibet, China. In the lap of Mount Makalu, lies a natural wonder – The Barun Valley. Barun Valley facilitates with dramatic waterfalls falling inside the deep gorges, rich floral and faunal diversities along with unique culture and traditions of Sherpa and Kirant communities residing in this region. Though the Makalu Region is somewhat isolated, every visitor to this region will take beautiful memories for lifetime.

Makalu Climbing Adventure

Towering with an altitude of 8,463m, Makalu is one of the best eight-thousanders that you will love to climb. The first expedition was completed successfully in 1955, led by the French Expeditors. Since then, many successful attempts have been done to Mount Makalu. However, only five of first sixteen attempts were successful. Bearing a pyramid shape, there are two most prominent ridges namely south east and North West ridges. The north western ridge is mostly picked by the mountaineers to reach the summit. In the year of 1997, the Russian team scaled the west route, which is considered as the most dangerous route to reach the top of Makalu. They reach the summit on 21st May 1997 through the most challenging route. Climbing Makalu is very tough task and it can also be said that, Makalu Expedition is test of the sheer endurance of a climber.

Climbing Route

Makalu climbing trip starts from Tumlingtar after a 30 minutes flight. The trekking follows the route through Num, Seduwa, Tashigaon, Khongma, Dobato, Yangle Kharka, Langmale Kharka, Makalu Base Camp, and the climbing over the peak. During the Makalu Expedition journey, base camp is set at approximately 5,600 meters, with total five camps before reaching the top. Then the first, second, third and fourth camps at an altitudes of 6,100m, 6,600m, 7,200m, and 7,600 meters respectively.

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Best Time for Makalu Expedition

The best time for climbing the Makalu peak is in spring season. Autumn season also considered as another good time for climbing. The spring season falls under the months of March, April and May.

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Makalu Expedition