Manaslu Expedition

Mount Manaslu Expedition is 8000 meter peak climbing adventure in Nepal. Manaslu climbing is dangerous climbing adventure which needs previous climbing experience with skill of using climbing equipements.

Mt Manaslu (8,163m)

Mt. Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain peak in central Nepal. The mountain is standing with the elevation of 8161m in the Himalayan region of Nepal between the Langtang and Annapurna mountain range. The peak is also known as Kutang.

The name of the peak is derived from Sanskrit term “Manasa” which means “Mountain of the Spirit”. Mt. Manaslu is situated about 40 miles east of Mt. Annapurna.

Location of Manaslu

Mount Manaslu is located in central Nepal in the Manasiri Himalayan range. The Manaslu lies on 28.3258 latitude and 84.3343 longitude. The entire area is well known as Manaslu region. The area is still restricted for individual travelers. Manaslu expedition peak lies in the remote area. The area is only opened for trekkers and climbers only in 1991.

Lots of people residing in this area especially in the upper Budi Gandaki (river) Valley are Tibetan. A place in this valley called Nupri (meaning Western Mountain in Tibetan) is a trading center among Tibetans and Tibetans residing in these areas.

Climbing Mount Manaslu:

Mt. Manaslu is located in a remote and isolated area. The first photographs of Manaslu Mountain were obtained only in 1950 by British expedition team. Japanese surveyed for climbing in 1952. After few attempts between 1953 and 1956, Japanese climbing team recorded their name to be the first climber over the Mount Manaslu in 1956. This Japanese team was all of female team which introduced a first women successor of climbing over 8000m peak.

Manaslu is one of the most dangerous mountain climbing object. So it requires more safety and care for the successful summit. It requires more time to reach the base camp of Mount Manaslu. So it is better to fly by helicopter to the nearer area.

An experienced and professional climbing guide can lead the successful climbing. So always prepare for the climbing over the dangerous peak.

Manaslu Expedition Route

Mount Manaslu has many interesting climbing routes leading to the common summit and many of them were climbed and explored. The standard and commercial route is along the original route which was used by Japanese expedition team in 1956 in the Northeast face.

Using the standard climbing route, the climb is straightforward and only slightly more technical then Cho Oyu or Shishapangma. However with low Base Camp it is a long climb and with relatively high objective avalanche risk.

Usefully there are three camps necessary above base camp. C1 (5,500m), C2 (6,300m) and C3 (7,300 m) are the normal camps for Manaslu climbing. Some expedition team establish an intermediate camp between C2 and C3 at 6,700m. The terrain encountered on the ascents varies from glacier crossings to steep snow steps and requires a good understanding of basic alpine climbing techniques. Manaslu has been climbed Alpine style but traditionally all commercial operators practice expedition style to improve the chances of summit success for the clients.

How to Reach Base Camp?

Manaslu expedition is begin after the trekking to the Base camp. The mountain views from the trekking route is absolutely breathtaking and takes you back in time when all Himalayan mountains were approached on foot.

Manaslu trek starts at low elevation of 950m in Arughat and rises gradually over next 10 trekking days. It is a perfect way to acclimatize before base camp is reached and to take on climbing relatively quickly.

The Advanced Base Camp (ABC) (4800m) is located at the lateral moraine of the Manaslu Glacier and it can be reached within 10 days trek or there is also option of flying in to ABC by helicopter from Kathmandu.

Options for Mount Manaslu Climbing

We offer two types of service for the Manaslu climbing. Base Camp service and full board service are choices for you. On the basis of service required for the individual climbers, we offer the service as per the request of customer.

The services available for the individual climbing are as follows:

Manaslu Expedition Base Camp Services:

In the Base Camp,

  • We provide very professional, supportive and friendly mountaineering logistic services from Kathmandu to the ABC as well as during the climb. Our objective is to ensure a good quality, supportive, safe, friendly, stress free and comprehensive service to maximize summit opportunity.
  • We provide a comprehensive service organizing all necessary permits, and climbing documentation, travelling logistics including airfares, ground transportation, porters, and other individual services required by mountaineers. On the track to the ABC we organize all required accommodation and food.
  • Our cook and helpers will prepare and serve three delicious freshly cooked and plentiful meals a day and will ensure that hot and cold drinks are available 24hrs a day.
  • We provide spacious expedition quality personal tents for all our clients both with full board or base-camp service only.
  • We also provide dining tent, kitchen tent, toilet facilities and portable shower facilities and tent accommodation for our staff.
  • We provide access to communication including satellite telephone and internet access, and solar panels to charge your batteries.

Manaslu Expedition Full Board Services:

  • For full board clients we provide personal tent and food, which will be prepared by their climbing Sherpa. We provide UHF/VHF handheld radios on the mountain to maintain communications between ABC and high camps.
  • We provide a personal climbing Sherpa guide to help the clients to reach the summit. The secret of success on Manaslu is a strong and experienced climbing Sherpa. No matter how good and experienced climber is, it is a long slog. Personal climbing Sherpa will set up camp 1 and camp 2 and camp 3 including food provisions, fuel and oxygen and will guide and assist the client on the summit day.

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Manaslu Expedition