Peak Climbing in Nepal is one of the most celebrated adventure activity in the Himalayas. The Himalayas are the world’s renowned destination for peak climbing adventure.  Nepal peak climbing adventure offers the best trekking peaks to climb over it.

Peak Climbing in Nepal need a bit or no initial climbing knowledge, but this is significant that members have to an excellent physical condition as well as have some outdoor experience help a lot for those who would like to get an experience of Peak climbing in Nepal.  In Nepal, Peak Climbing is controlled and supervised by Nepal mountaineering association  (NMA). Nepal is the home of 8 peaks of the world among top 10 highest peak of the world which concludes that Nepal is the Himalayan Kingdom which makes Peak climbing in Nepal Himalaya is once in life time dream for many climbers. Nepal also has more than 1300 snowcapped beautiful trekking peaks which makes Nepal as the most prevalent destination for mountaineering expeditions.

Trekking Peaks’ describe mountain peaks under the height of 7,000 meters that can be climbed without any prior rope or crampon climbing experience. It is for this reason that the idea of trekking peaks has become more popular, not least as many of the peaks are extremely high. However, you will be given all the instruction you need along your trek. However, the term ‘trekking’ can sometimes be misleading as many of the trekking peaks listed by NMA are extremely difficult and require significant technical climbing skills.

Peak Climbing provides more doses of thrill and adventure, more so than other trekking journeys. Climbing along the ropes tied up to rocks and hard terrain while following the leader in the savage and menacing terra of the snowy mountain is a task that requires great physical endurance and careful planning. Although most of these peaks are non-technical from a mountaineering point of view, you are expected to be rather fit, and of course, have a keen sense of adventure at high elevations. But the permit should be taken from NMA before climbing peak.  Permits can be purchased in one day  and 36% of permit fees go to the Nepalese Government

Chulu West Peak Climbing in Nepal
12.82% Off
$ 1,950.00 $ 1,700.00

10 Days - 9 Nights
Yala Peak Climbing in Nepal
$ 1,820.00

15 Days - 12 Nights
Pisang Peak Climbing in Nepal
4 Days - 3 Nights
Nirekha Peak Climbing
18 Days - 15 Nights
Island peak climbing in Nepal
22% Off
$ 2,500.00 $ 1,950.00

18 Days - 17 Nights