Nepal Family Trekking

Trekking in Nepal with your family members is the best way to enjoy the Himalayan beauty and make your trip full of lifetime experience. There’s no reason to put off trekking in the Himalayas until the kids have left home. Aside from the amazing landscapes, cultural and wildlife vegetation awaiting you. It’s dubious that you’d deliberately hire someone to carry your child while trekking anywhere else, but this is entirely possible in Nepal.

In Nepal trekking with your children is possible even the trekking route is difficult for the very your children by carrying them with you. Horse riding is one of the option to do so. Nepalese people are very welcoming of children. Your kids will likely have the best experience of the warm welcome and remember the friendly people as much as the scenery.

Tips for Family Trekking Tours

Family Trekking in Nepal need some special planning, as some routes are far from roads and medical facilities which would be little bit difficult while having kids with you. But while some committed trekkers have grieved the spread of roads into the mountains, this means many places are better connected, physically and in terms of emergency communication — than they once were. If you’re short on time, have very young children, or are unsure how older children will enjoy a multi-day trek, it’s best to opt for day hikes. Centering yourself in Pokhara or Kathmandu will allow you to travel places close to the city that have great sightsee option and fresh air, but still allow you to return to the coziness of a hotel at night.

Family trekking in Nepal is popular trekking adventure in Nepal Himalayas. Family trekking tour create all the family more delight as well as sharing the different culture, tradition, manner with family members. Perhaps, Nepal is the only one best option for the family trekking tour in Himalaya. Family trekking tour in Nepal offers superb Himalayan views, lush valleys, beautiful landscape, wildlife adventure, cultural heritage & make every family much happiness. Nepal has various trekking options for family among them Annapurna trekking, Langtang family trekking, Everest trekking are popular family trekking packages.

Annapurna Family Trekking
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$ 600.00 $ 570.00

13 Days - 12 Nights
Everest View Family Trekking
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$ 800.00 $ 795.00

11 Days - 10 Nights