Nepal Responsible Tourism: Environment is a common home to all the living beings.  When you wrap your arms around social and environmental responsibility, a new sense of personal integrity follows. Satisfaction and a sense of power come with choices and actions that have a positive effect on your surroundings. So, we are the one to initiate to save our nature and keep our surroundings clean and green.

What we offer you?

We request and notify our in the proven philosophy and guidelines of Leave No Trace techniques.  Just take back the wonderful memories.  Also developed in a coordinated effort between federal land agencies, wilderness educators, outdoor retailers, and equipment manufacturers. Leave No Trace techniques minimize Nepal Trekking in Himalayas groups’ impact on the delicate ecosystems through which we travel. This are the real life memories which we carry until we die. Responsible Tourism is here for making such memories with the nature.  Also you can have good time at Nepal with the diverse nature and unique culture. Like paradise with the nature you can have tourism in the mountain, rivers, waterfall, glacier and beautiful views. You can smell and fell also touch and see the nature gifts components. Nepal Trekking In Himalayas Pvt. Ltd is responsible for good life in Nepal or good time tourism.