Legal Documents: Nepal trekking in Himalayas is privately owned and registered under different associations under government of Nepal.  Also We have all the required documents accepted by concern authority as underneath;so we are one of the LEGAL TREKKING AGENCY in Nepal and in the other hand we have a huge responsibility to utilize these resource and making our guests happy with best and reliable services.

It proves that our company Nepal Trekking in Himalayas Pvt. Ltd. is legally running. It also proves that our member are qualified. We are here for you. Also we provide you quality of facilities. Similarly we also give you warm hospitality and friendly environment while travelling Nepal. We also believe in our member and our clients which we can make team work to reach on your destiny.  In addition you have to support us by being member of our company. Also it proves that our company is legal. As well as it is supported by other organization such as Nepal tourism board, TAAN and etc.