Boudhanath Stupa


It is one of largest and unique stupa in the world. It is also called chaitya in Nepali language. It is located northeastern of Kathmandu. It is also one of the largest spherical stupas in Nepal. This stupa is made in mandala with massive size. It was route for Tibetan refugee where it enters to Kathmandu valley.  As of 1979, Boudha Stupa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Structure of Boudhanath Stupa

At the top you can see Pinnacle which symbolizes Mt.Sumera. Mt Sumera is known as the king of the mountains. Then Umbrella is taken as the protector of three jewels; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Lotus means self-development, enlightenment and purity. Because it is rooted in the mud and grows from dirty water and without getting dirty.  Thirteen Steps represent symbolize the thirteen states of Bodhisattva’s. In stupa there are giant eyes of the Buddha in the stupa symbolizing the all-seeing ability of the Buddha. The nose symbolizes Nirvana. Also nose is shape is in Nepali Language 1 which means unity. Harmika symbols a symbolizes the eight noble path. Prayer Flags believed that they carry mantras and prayers heavenward. White dome symbolizes universe.  Mandala is considered as the mansion of Lord Buddha.

Related Festival

Loshar and Buddha jainti is related to this site.  As this site is related with the Buddhist pilgrims.


Losar is Tibetan for New Year. The Tibetan calendar is based on Tibetan astrology. The Tibetan calendar is lunar. It follows the cycles of the moon. So the New Year begins on a new moon. Mostly it is celebrate in February. On the third day of Loshar Tibetan gather at the Great Stupa. We can see crowd around the stupas. Everyone wear new cloths. First there will be the ceremony of lhasang – incense offering, which is essentially an offering of smoke from medicinal and fragrant herbs. Then the portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama used to be carried around the Boudhanath Stupa. This ceremony is lead by Monks and Lamas.

Buddha Jayanti (Saga Dawa)

Buddha Jayanti is celebration of  the day Lord Buddha was born, achieve enlightenment and died. This day is celebrate by both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. It falls on the month of the Baishakh of full moon. As the main event is celebrated in Lumbini (Birth place of Buddha). Also Tibetan worshiper visit Boudhanath  Stupa on the occasion of the Buddha jayanti. As Saga Dawa  is called by Tibetan.

How to reach?

Boudhanath stupa is almost 7 km far from thamel and near to airpot. It not to much far so you can take Taxi or local transport. Mostly hiring Taxi is common form to tourist.You can hire taxi from everywhere. Also you can have minibus within ring road. Minibus can be adventures to you and also it is low cost.

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