Mustang Trekking – A Blog with Itinerary, Permit and Tourism Difficulty

Mustang is one of the beautiful trekking region in Nepal. The Mustang district is isolated part of Nepal rich in unique culture and tradition. The geographical structure of the Mustang is really mind blowing.

This is a trekking blog with complete information of Mustang area in which the permit, difficulty level of trekking, trekking routes and itineraries are described in details.

Mustang as Trekking Destination

Mustang is a sacred pace for both Buddhist and Hindu people. It belongs to the Muktinath Valley in the northwestern part of Nepal. It has two different parts referred popularly as Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang Valleys. You may found the lifestyle and culture of Sherpa people and old villages. Trekkers are able to explore the kingdom of the Upper Mustang Region. Mustang region has rich Buddhist culture which allow individuals in experiencing the landscape and culture following by the Tibetan people. This region of Trekking takes you to a mysterious region of Nepal, especially in the upper part of the country. Mustang Trekking gives you the opportunity to bring trekkers into the hidden world of Lo, the old Buddhist Kingdom.

Trekking in Mustang Region is an ultimate trekking option for adventurous trekkers visiting to Nepal from different parts of the world. The trek gives an excellent diversity based on religion and culture. Mustang Region Trekking allows to explore the second deepest gorge found in the country. You will find various other attractions in the form of upper Mustang area named Lomangthang, Muktinath Temple, various old and famous monasteries and many more. Other than this, you will be able to explore the rhododendron forests and apple fields, along with scenic beauties of the entire Himalayan region.

Trekking Difficulty Level

Upper mustang is moderate level trekking route. It required more time for trekking but there you can trek by riding jeep also. So trekking to Mustang area is not difficult for a physically fit trekkers. It requires reasonable level of fitness for trekking. So the Upper Mustang trekking difficulty level is moderate and doable one.

This trekking is suitable for all kinds of trekker with family members. You can tour with kids and seniors too. If you feel difficult while walking, you will have a jeep transfer facility as well.

Though the Mustang region offers views of unspoiled nature with landscape unlike any other places in Nepal, still it is safe and easy for trekking. Mustang lies beyond the Himalayas which is a mixture of snow-capped mountains and desert lands.

Upper Mustang region lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri massif. Thus, trekking in this region is possible even during monsoon.

Special Trekking Permit

Upper part of Mustang is still controlled to enter for foreigners by government of Nepal. A special entry permit is required to enter in Upper Mustang region. It requires minimum two persons at once for the permit and USD 500 as entry permit cost. The permit is valid for 10 days. So Upper Mustang trekking permit is extra cost for the trekkers just for the entry.

Permits and Fees:

  1. Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit for all foreigners: US $500 per person for the first 10 days and US $50 per person per day thereafter.
  2. ACAP entry permit fee for foreigners: 2,000 NPR (Approx. US $20)
  3. ACAP entry permit fee for SAARC nationals: 200 NPR

Where to get the permit:

Kathmandu: Permits can be purchased in the Nepal Tourism Board Office on Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu, Tel: +977 1 4256909.

*If you book with a trekking agency they will arrange these for you.

Popular Trekking Itineraries in Mustang

Upper Mustang Trek

  • Trip Grading: Moderate
  • Elevation: 4280 meters
  • Total duration: 16 days
  • Price: $1577 USD/person
  • Transportation: By Bus/Car
  • Group Size: 2
  • Best Time: March-May, June-August, September-November & December-February

Upper Mustang Trek is moderate level trek and favorable for all the seasons throughout the year. You can join Upper Mustang Trek and make your holiday memorable for lifetime.Upper Mustang Trek is also famous as trekking to Lo-Manthang, which is popular as cold desert trekking in Nepal among serious adventure seekers. Upper Mustang trek is specially based on remote trekking area. Upper Mustang Trek give opportunity to explore thousands of years old monasteries around the Himalayan deserts of Nepal. Mustang is a typical valley. It is known as hidden treasure of Nepal. The landscapes are really astonishing through lots of small caves which are thousands of years old. Upper Mustang area is rain gumshoe area so the trek is idea for monsoon season.

Another amazing fact about the Upper Mustang is that people have their own Local King of Mustang. Upper Mustang Trek is the most prevalent trekking route among all camping treks of Nepal.Upper Mustang was barred to enter for foreigners until 1992 and this land is still prohibited for single trekkers so that the trekking should be organized by a company in group basis. You will also be needed an Immigration Permit issued by Department of Immigration, Nepal. Upper Mustang trekking starts after a mountain flight which is about half an hour to Jomsom. Jomsom is a lovely valley called which is mostly windy during the day. Jomsom is also the capital of whole Mustang District. From Jomsom, trekking goes slowly to high regions which look like deserts.

Upper Mustang Trekking area has the domination of Tibetan people & can found them with their typical culture. The Upper Mustang trekking region is judiciously expensive than Annapurna, Everest & Langtang Regions of Nepal. Upper Mustang Trek essentially includes scenic flight to Jomsom through white snow capped mountains of Nepal, ascertaining the hidden kingdom of Nepal, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Nilgiri and Mustang Himalayan ranges, amazing caves, natural landscapes, the king of Mustang, untouched Tibetan cultures.

Lower Mustang Trek

  • Trip Grading: Moderate
  • Elevation: 3760meters
  • Total duration: 18 days
  • Price: $887USD/person
  • Transportation: Tourist Bus/ Flight/ Private Vehicle
  • Group Size: 2 minimum-10 maximum
  • Best Time: March-May, June-August, September-November & December-February

The short and scenic route of Lower Mustang Trek is a combination of natural and cultural experience in Annapurna & Mustang region of Nepal. All the parts are surrounded by worlds popular Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges. The Lower Mustang Trek can be considered as an easy and scenic and is suitable for all beginners to experienced trekkers. Highlights of the Lower Mustang Trek includes of Ghorepani, Poonhill, Jomsom, Muktinath where we explore cultural tradition & lifestyle of indigenous peoples like Gurung, Magar, Thakali, charming villages, landscapes, flora & fauna to Poonhill viewpoint.

Our journey starts from the stunning Lake of city Pokhara, which is second largest city in Nepal after Kathmandu. Journey continues with uphill and downhill trekking trails by crossing the farm porches, several remote villages of indigenous cast peoples in Nepal, dense forests and the trail also paths several hilly areas before reaching at Ghorepani Village. From Ghorepani we will make an early morning hike to Poonhill (3,210m) from where we can have great views of Mt. Fishtail, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Annapurna South and many other snow-capped peaks. Then we continue the trek through Kali Gandaki Valley towards Tatopani, Ghasa, Marpha, Kagbeni and finally at Muktinath temple.  After having a quality time over there, our journey returns to Jomsom and fly back to Pokhara to conclude memorable Lower Mustang Trek with Nepal Trekking in Himalayas Team.

Lower Mustang Trek is very famous trek to Mustang region of Nepal which is also popularly known as the forbidden kingdom in Nepal. The Lower Mustang Trekking offers astonishing views of giant Himalayas and immense natural beauties with enough opportunities to explore the cultural heritages in upper Himalayas. Trekking to Lower Mustang is categorized as moderate level trekking that can be completed by all the avid trekkers with keen interest of trekking and positive attitude. Walking capacity of at least 5-7 hours a day is mandatory.

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek

  • Trip Grading: Moderate
  • Elevation: 3800 meters
  • Total duration: 18 days
  • Price: $1610 USD/person
  • Transportation: By Bus/Car/ Air
  • Group Size: 2
  • Best Time: March-May, June-August, September-November & December-February

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek is a moderate level trek that can be easily completed with physically fit people having stable health. You can also achieve the success of Trekking in Upper Mustang and observing Tiji Festival. There are so many examples of beginners completing the Upper Mustang Trek Tiji Festival successfully. One important thing is you should have great desire and positive attitude.Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek takes you the hidden kingdom of Nepal and offers best chance to explore the Tibetan culture in Nepal. The Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek offers astonishing mountain panorama and mesmerizing views of surrounding.

Tiji is the festival of Tibetan rituals. The Tiji praise the fable, which tells of a deity named Dorje Jono who must battle against his demon father to save the Kingdom of Mustang from demolition. Tiji adopted from the word “ten che” meaning the “Supplication for World Peace “and is efficiently a spring renewal festival. The trek to Upper Mustang is a remarkable walk through Himalayan terrain that distinctions wildly with the lush fertile hills and valleys located to the south of the main Himalayan chain. Mustang is an unproductive landscape with only a few small green fields peppering a lunar landscape, but boasts a extraordinary spiritual heritage.

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek syndicates through Mustang’s mesmerizing villages, alongside Buddhist monuments and temples and in the shades of the Himalayas most beautiful mountains, before coming to the legendary walled city of Lo Manthang for dancing the Tiji Festival. The area is rough and the altitude can be hard going but you will be in the safe hands of Himalayan skilled Adventure Connation and his team of sherpas. Expect mainly camping with a few lodges and hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara for good measure.During the Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trek the town square fills with characters clad as demons in colorful robes and revolting masks dancing about, cutting at the air with their swords and chanting spells over spectators. Spend the day steeped in the visions, sounds, and movements of this once-in-a-lifetime cultural prodigy.

This three-day ceremony is lit up with colorful custom dress, dancing, music, and modernizations from the story of a deity and his demon father.Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Treks is a moderate level trek that can be easily completed with physically fit people having stable health. Don’t worry if you are a novice trekker, there is nothing impossible in the world. You can also achieve the success of Trekking in Upper Mustang and observing Tiji Festival. There are so many examples of beginners completing the Upper Mustang Trek Tiji Festival successfully. One important thing is you should have great desire and positive attitude.

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