Chandragiri Hills Day Tour

1 Day

Chandragiri day tour takes you to the famous hill-lock which can be reach seven kilometers from Thankot that lies on the South-West of Kathmandu Valley and is 2,551 meters up from sea level. Spiraling peaks and breathtaking views of whole Kathmandu Valley covered with lush green view of flora makes Chandragiri truly a munificent and untouched landscape. The panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley & Himalayan ranges from Annapurna to Everest makes any one feel like seeing whole Nepal during Chandragiri Hills Day Tour.

Importance of Chandragiri Hill

Chandragiri hills carry historical significance as well. It was from these hills that King Prithivi Narayan Shah caught the first glimpse of a much scenic and prosperous Kathmandu valley. In this way he implanted the ideas of capturing the Kathmandu valley into his kingdom. According to folklore, Prithivi Narayan Shah is believed to have amassed spiritual powers for unification process after undergoing rigorous ‘sadhana’ or meditation at these very hills.

Chandragiri Hill is now given new face of new modern construction and new comfortable transportation. Chandragiri Hill easy one day tour as you shall find restaurants, cable car, resort, branded shops, and multipurpose hall. The cable car to Chandragiri Hill runs from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the week and 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM on public holidays and weekends also. It shall take about only 10-12 minutes to cover the 2.5 km of distance.

Chandragiri Cable Car Riding

This is newly opened Cable Car from its foothill to the top has added charm to the destination. Nepal Trekking in Himalayas offers this magnificent new day tour package to the hills of Chandragiri. Besides incredible natural forests and scenery, the hill has the historical implication as well. Feel the tranquility in just about an hour’s journey from Kathmandu Clamor.

This one day tour to Chandragiri Hills will give you amazing experience of the green forest, local people, and scenery. The journey of the cable car, hilltop chill breeze, and spiritual feeling would add gloss to your day tour. Absolutely, this would be the most beautiful day tour to discover Kathmandu Valley. The charm of this day tour is you can see beautiful Kathmandu valley and great Himalayan range from west to east.

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Chandragiri Hills Day Tour