Everest Base Camp Trek During Summer/Monsoon

Everest Base Camp Trek in Summer/Monsoon

You may have the question that if Everest Base Camp trek in summer/monsoon doable? What are the weather, advantages, and disadvantages of Everest Base Camp trek in summer/monsoon?

While spring and autumn are coveted as the best seasons to do the Everest Base Camp Trek during summer/monsoon is totally worth the go. No weather is bad weather in the mountains. Summer/monsoon is considered as the off-season for trekking in Nepal. So, the Everest Base Camp trekking trails will be least crowded during this time. You would also get to catch breath catching views and get to experience beautiful serine after rainfall. Everest Base Camp trek in summer/monsoon is the best option for the peace lovers.

Basically during monsoons, it generally doesn’t rain throughout the day in mountains. It usually rains in the evening and throughout the night. And by morning and during the day, it is mostly sunny and warm. On the other hands, the rain clears the weather and the dust which makes way for a bewildering view of the mountains. And also, the rainfall decreases as you go higher altitude.

Hence trekking to Everest Base Camp trek in summer/monsoon has its own bright side of trekking. The flights are not overbooked. Off-season also means fewer crowds. So for those who enjoy peace isolation, summer/monsoon trek to EBC can serve this.

The summer serine in the Everest region gets absolutely remarkable. You wouldn’t have a clue this craggy landscape could get so verdant until you witness it for yourself. And to witness this sight – equivalent to nature’s magic – you have to make it to the trek in summer. There may be chance;you would experience Lukla flight cancellation and delays. Hence, you have be prepared before head.  On the other side the entire Khumbu will bloom vibrant to address your presence in this season.

Serene Trails

The Everest region doesn’t see as many trekkers in summer as it does during spring and autumn. Because there is a stigma around the so-called bad weather conditions during this season, not many people prefer to trek in this season. So, you will have the trails all to yourself. If you are wondering whether the trails would be muddy, then don’t get worried. The trails will only be wet because of the rock formation.

And for the view, it’s absolutely not as bad as people fear. The mountains will frequently surprise you with a peek from behind the clouds. This sight comes second to none of the clear-cut panorama. Furthermore, you will have the freedom to enjoy the best hospitality at the best of the guesthouses. No rush and no big fuss. The serenity is a godsend along with the season.

The Lush/green Landscape

During monsoon,the alpine vegetation is at its best in the Khumbu region. The otherwise barren-rugged hillsides get enveloped in iridescent vegetation during this time of the year. The vibrant blooming of the rhododendrons paints the forests into a piece of art, somewhere bright white, somewhere pastel pink and somewhere deep red. The chirping of birds and nibbling of yaks in the turf meadows are exciting. You heart will get happy at the sight of happy yaks getting to feed on the rich fresh pasture.

Warm Temperature

Monsoon in Nepal coincides with summer so though it rains, it is fairly warm. The warmth in higher altitude will be pleasurable. You don’t have to deal with the extreme cold weather of the mountains. Also as you go higher the precipitation will be less. Places over 4000m altitude will have very little rain. It can go as high up to 17-degree centigrade during the day and can fall low up to 2 degrees at night. A zero degree sleeping bag will be right for the nights and morning during your trek in July. And if you want you could ask for an extra blanket at the lodge.

Stunning Sights of the Himalayas

Stunning view of Mountains
Stunning view of Mountains

During monsoon, it rains in the evening and at night, the morning and days are clear of clouds. And you can get a spectacular view of the mountains. The view of the mountains amidst the patches of clouds is surreal indeed. Usually, the mornings remain clear and you have higher chances of admiring the sunrise in the mountains. Even if the day gets gloomy, you will still have an amazing hiking experience. To add in, during this time view will be greener and the air is relatively clean. During monsoon you can expect a lustrous green forest with blooming flowers and wild berries along the way.Also, you will get to see the amazing biodiversity along the journey.

As amazing as monsoon trekking is, it has its own perks. Like; Lukla flights tend to get delayed and canceled frequently during monsoon. So, having a few buffer days in your trip schedule is a must. Well, the weather is being busy the way it should be. And added to that,Due to the rainy season, the insects come to life during this time. And hence you should expect mosquitoes and leeches along the trails.The trails can be wet, muddy and slippery. You need a good pair of shoes and walk with caution. Take a few simple cautions and monsoon trek is totally worth it.

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