Annapurna Base Camp Trek During Summer/Monsoon

Annapurna Base Camp Trek During Summer/Monsoon

The jaw-dropping beauty of Annapurna Base Camp brings thousands of trekkers to this classic trekking route. This trek allows you to experience traditional Nepali villages, lush green forests and the regal mountains of this region. Different people like different trekking conditions. Some might prefer to trek in during the winter season when it is really cold while others enjoy the warmth of the summer during their treks. Another factor which might help you choose the best time to trek to Annapurna Base Camp during Summer/Monsoon is the number of trekkers in the region. During some seasons, the Annapurna Base Camp is more crowded than the others. If you are someone who prefers to trek in solitude, you might prefer coming Nepal in off-season.

The summer season in the Annapurna Base Camp falls in the month of June, July, and August. Needless to say, these are the hottest months in the Annapurna Base Camp. You might be tempted to go to Annapurna Base Camp trek during this month but you have to be wary of the rain too. In the Summer season (June- Mid-September), the temperature of a clear days remains between 20–25 degree Celsius on an average. This is much warmer in the lower altitudes. However, it is bearable when you are set off to embark to the foothills of towering peaks.

August is the wettest month of the year in Annapurna Base Camp. An average precipitation of 136 mm is observed in August. June is the coldest of the summer months and receives the lowest amount of rainfall in this season. The minimum temperature of the Annapurna Base Camp during June is 0 degree Celsius.

Weather condition

Weather condition of Annapurna
Weather condition of Annapurna

This is the time when Nepal slowly starts to experience its monsoon rain. The days are warmer with torrential rainfall. At the beginning of the monsoon, the days are much warmer while in the late afternoons there are high chances of rainfall. So, it is good to start early and reach your destination for the day before the rain catches you.

The Lush/green Landscape

Sometimes the rain and dense clouds may obstruct the vision offering poor mountain views but that does not mean it is regular. In other dry days, the rain-washed surrounding is a must watch in the Annapurna region.

During this time, the vegetation is green and alluring in the dust-free surrounding.Plus, since it is an off season you get to walk in complete solitude. You will have to see no one disturbing. You can click pictures in the pristine nature as much as you can.

Stunning Sights of the Himalayas

Stunning sight of Annapurna
Stunning sight of Annapurna

During monsoon, it rains in the evening and at night, the morning and days are clear of clouds. And you can get a spectacular view of the mountains. The view of the mountains amidst the patches of clouds is surreal indeed. Usually, the mornings remain clear and you have higher chances of admiring the sunrise in the mountains. Even if the day gets gloomy, you will still have an amazing hiking experience.To add in, during this time view will be greener and the air is relatively clean. During monsoon you can expect a lustrous green forest with blooming flowers and wild berries along the way. Also, you will get to see the amazing biodiversity along the journey.

If you want to come for a summer trek to the Annapurna Base Camp, you need to have a flexible schedule. You have to accommodate for the fact that some days you might not trek due rain.

While packing for trekking in Annapurna Base Camp during summer, make sure you have trekking boots that have a firm grip. Some tracks might get slippery and having shoes with firm grips is necessary. You must bring rain proof, waterproof down jackets and trousers and umbrella.

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