Paraglading In Godawari

Nepal trekking in Himalayas Pvt. Ltd has design best Paragliding in Godawari in Kathmandu. Paragliding in Godawari is in the Kathmandu valley has start a well-known adventure sport paragliding launching from chapakharka hill, Godavari Lalitpur.

We are more than happy to introduce shankarapur paragliding as the pioneer in the field of quality.  And reliable flying services in Kathmandu. Also we are committee to provide  services to our clients.Organizations or persons. Who are facilitating our beloved clients up to the shankarapur paragliding station.  Or directing towards for the gliding purposes are highly consider and appreciate on our best. In this offer you will paragliding in Godavari which is situate in lalitpur. Also you will watch the Kathmandu valley. Also Nepal is taken as the world best place for Paragliding.


In Nepal there are many spots for Paragliding. Paragliding mean to fly openly. Also the paragliding in Nepal is famous because many Nepal is Himalayan country. And it is fill with the natural re sources. Also many of para-glider come to Nepal to experience the fly over the mountains. Also it is openly fly that why it makes easy and make complete look up the Nepal natural beauty.    For making view of Kathmandu valley Paragliding  Godawari is organized.

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Paraglading In Godawari