Yomari Purnima

yomari purnima

Yomari Purnima is a festival came from the Newari food called Yomari. Yomari is makebup of rice flour from fresh harvest. It is shape up of fish and fill with sweet brown sugar cane and sesame seed. It is steam. Yomari Punhi is the harvest festival celebrate by Newari people. It is celebrate every year in Newari community. Yomari Punhi is a festival marking the end of rice harvest. This festival is observe in the full moon day of December.

When & how do we celebrate Yomari Punhi?

Yomari Purnima is celebrate in full moon day of December. It falls in November/December in full moon day of Thinla. This day is the second month in the lunar Nepal Era calendar. Yomari purnima is on Thursday, December 12 on 2019.

On this full moon day of Yomari Purnima, people of Kathmandu valley worship Goddess Annapurna. Goddess Annapurna is the goddess of grains. They thank for harvesting rice to Goddess by worshiping. Kids go to their neighbor house to ask for Yomari in evening. Community performs sacred dances in village of Hari Siddhi and Thecho to mark the festival.  This is the main festival celebrate in Newari community. Yomari is obtaining as a delicious and tasty food. It is fill up of chaku (sweet chocolate) or Khuwa (dairy product) which are very tasty.

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