Top 20 Best Things to Do in Nepal

Nepal is best place for tourism. This article describes about top 20 things to do in Nepal during your Nepal visit. The best places and things to visit in Nepal describes in this article.

Nepal is a small country that represents countess wonders that pertain to both natural beauty and cultural heritages. From an opulent history to being home of many of the world’s highest Himalayas, Nepal is a symbol of amazing riches and majesties. Nepal is a country filled with adventures and combination of many ages of people, interest experiences and demographics. There are huge things to do over here. Nepal is a country famed for trekking adventures through highest peaks to historical, architectural monuments that has made into list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. People interested to visit Nepal can find almost all part interesting and adventures in Nation. The fact of Country is that, every region of Nepal is separated by terrains and landscapes with own unique presentation as well as weathers. Trekking in Nepal is famous all over the world.

Thousands of people from all over the world visit the country to pursue. Nepal has lot more options for visitors. The cultural and ethnic visibility, Himalayan beauty, distribution of population is normal attraction in Nepal. It comes as no surprise now that trekking has mark county into tourism industry. But besides trekking there are even more things to do in Nepal which is described below:

1. Trekking

As we all know, Nepal is state for trekking adventures. The mountainous range and terrains offer best trekking opportunities to all trekkers. Though, Nepal is call as “land of Himalayas” and it is home of world’s highest peak Mt. Everest which offers more desire to trek over. Every trekker foots on Nepal to have unforgettable trek. Trekkers from whole over the world visit Nepal to experience wonderful trekking experience. The most popular trekking adventures are Everest Base Camp Trek and The Annapurna Base Camp Trek among all. They offer unique and quirky feature that are unlikely than anything else in Earth.

Nepal is distribute with mountain valleys and regions that offer huge range of trekking landscapes which are majestic and naturally beautiful.  Nepal is a country that have great place for vacations with family and friends. It offers solo ventures. It is naturally and historically rich. Visiting Nepal once a life is entire experience able. It is not enough for single visit to trek.

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal

2. Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal is both physically and technically challenging activity. Nepal has 1310 unidentified peaks out of which highest peak Mt. Everest and 8 top mountains. So, Nepal has many adventured skills objectives in these mountains. There are 326 peaks open for peak climbing now. Thousands of peak climber visits Nepal throughout a year for trying their best and to enjoy the peak climbing. Peak climbing requires certain ability and power to reach the summit and enjoy. Some of the best peak climbing is Mera Peak climbing, Chulu Peak climbing, etc. Mountain climbers should follow the various rules and restriction created by government these days. Peak climbing in Nepal offers the best experience for peak climbers with best support.

Peak climbing

Mountaineering (Mountain Expeditions)

Peak climbing and mountaineering in the Himalayas of Nepal are thrilling experience and most enjoyable. As Nepal is the country with highest peak of the world. There are many highest peaks in Nepal. Thus, Nepal is famous for peak climbing and mountaineering. The white snowy mountains provide a spectacular backdrop. It provide environment of mountaineering. Thousands of mountain climbers from all around the world visits Nepal every year to try their hand to reach the summit of highest peaks. The feel of excitement to the mountaineers after reaching the summit of mountain is unlike anything else in the world. The go after dangerous path with crampons, slingers and ice axes to climb the snowy peaks. Mountaineering is great path to take adventure spirit in Nepal. The snowy vast lands and obstacles of climbing mountains and the experience present wonderful feeling and impose.

Mountaineering is uch an amazing thing to do in Nepal as Nepal is a mountainous country
Mountaineering in Nepal

4. Short Hiking

Hiking is a way to get away from your busiest city life to enjoyable natural serenity. Same as, hiking in Nepal is great activity pursued by many people for leisurely activity. Nepal has many options for short hikes and long hikes through country sides. Huge numbers of destination are there in Nepal for natural settings that are perfect for hikes. Nagarkot, Chisapani and Daman are places which offer peaceful and natural environment for hikers. Many of the destinations are conveniently located near cities. They are easily accessible. There are various range of hiking from short-long and easy-hard point. There are easy trails to reach vantage points to look at views of mountains which are distant great and truly enjoyable. The natural palatability of nature is spiritually fresh.

Every day the life condition being unchanged can have impact on people life. So, hiking is perfect way to get fresh and enjoy the nature. Hiking in Nepal offers opportunity to get close of local country side’s culture and tradition of people. Hiking is bound with rich customs and practices. In Nepal, hiking is vastly developing tourism sector.

Hiking in Nepal
Hiking in Nepal

Jungle Safari

Nepal has a great diversity which matter great pride for the nation. The huge lush forests and Greenland’s are home to different endangered animals and plants. The established protected areas, national parks and hunting reserves are giving safeguard to preserve the wildlife reserve. So, wildlife reserve / tours in Nepal are great way to experience beautiful biodiversity and natural setting of Nepal. More than two National parks of Nepal are enlisted on UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Sagarmatha National Park and Chitwan National Park Are two National parks listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The adventure when you ride on back of elephants through the jungle, observing animals like Bengal Tiger, One horn rhinoceros in natural habitat is surely extreme and amazing.  One shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be on tropical woodlands and forests, riding through crocodile lakes presented by nation’s thickets and groves. Jungle Safari packages are given for safe and enjoyable wildlife tours.

Wildlife Tour in nepal
Wildlife Tour in Nepal

White-water rafting

According to Nepal’s biodiversity, the nation is quite rich in water resources. Nepal is the second richest country in term of water resources. Most of the water resources in Nepal are from the Himalayan range. Rivers flow due to melting of glacial drainage and snow. The white river of Nepal drain whole nation. It has several small tributaries that go to form natural landscapes and valleys, deep gorges embedded. In such way, white river rafting has become a popular extreme adventure in recent years for adventure seekers.

Nepal is a country seen as the best countries for white water rafting. Huge number of visitors visits Nepal for white water rafting nowadays.   The fast flowing power of river provide thrilling ride with ups and downs and swift serpentine pacing absolutely. The white river flows amazingly with swamplands and terrains. It has specialty with beautiful sceneries. Sun Koshi River and Bhote Koshi River are quite famous for presenting grand white rafting sport.

Rafting in Nepal
Rafting in Nepal

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tour is amazingly architectural beauty and historical grace. Nepal has densest concentrations of World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO. There are four sites located close to each other in Kathmandu Valley for Cultural tour. Luckily Nepal is land where Gautam Buddha (founder of Buddhism) was born. The country has lots of monuments and temples from ancient periods. These are famous significances from medieval eras which reflect historical sign and significances.

Religious temples like Pashupatinath, Durbar square and Boudanath, Kathmandu city, Patan and Bhaktapur are more over famous and opulent terms in Nepal. It is preserve by different communities and heritage sites. Nepal is famous for Newa Architecture. It is architecture which is not find anywhere else in the world. The beautiful carvings and beautiful and unique structural anatomy are wonderful. The wood and stone work of buildings is symbol of some cultural semblance, borrowed from ancient religious and legends of Gods and Goddesses.

Cultural Tour in Nepal
Cultural Tour in Nepal

Adventure Sport

Nepal has many options for adventure sports. Adventures in Nepal are many in number from bungee jump to paragliding. As Nepal is mountainous country, it is also famous for famed adventures including rock climbing, sky diving and canyoning even many. Adventure sports in Nepal offer good exploration and experience of terrains, gorgeous views, enjoyment of natural beauty because of natural virtue of country. Nepal is also said as a country of River, adventure activities in river are done lot here. Country is drained by flowing white rivers. Those rivers are generated from Himalayas together with natural ethos land. Thus, adventure in Nepal is vastly entertaining and savory spectacularly.

Such an amazing adventure ever experienced in Nepal
Adventurous sport in Nepal

Bungee Jump

Bungee is a process where you jump and set your soul free feel eternity within seconds until you set back feet on Earth. This adventure has come long in Nepal along to experience the breathtaking, thundering and heart thrilling activity through bridge. Bungee jump was banned in some European countries lastly. Now here’s a chance for you to experience the heart pounding moment. Nepal’s first Bungee jumping site was in wild Bhote Koshi River above 160m. There are many sites now in Nepal to enjoy the ultimate thrilling experience. It is also said that Nepal is best site for bungee jumping. It’s a real adventure with falling from the high altitude level to the ground low level. Nepal has best option with natural view in bungee jumping. Pokhara is also famous for bungee jumping nowadays.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Hunting in Nepal

Hunting in Nepal is very famous activity practiced ever. It is been practicing since old generation till now. It is challenging activity. There are some Hunting reserves in Nepal, with certain fees one can hunt and enjoy the nature with full experience. Only experienced with habitat people are requested for this activity. In Nepal, hunters themselves should search for animals around the area. The porter, guider and helping team are sending along you. Helping team marks/shows the animals to shoot is your own decision. Only certain hunting gear, arms and ammunition are allowed for entry according to the reserve rules and restriction.

Private arms and ammunition needs government permission and documents using for hunting. Almost all ammunition is provided by the outfitters. Dhorpatan Hunting reserve is one of the famous hunting reserves in Nepal. Mountain hunting is also best experience which is accessible in Nepal. You have to search the pray up to 3000m altitude. The best part is that the perfect hunters are awarded by trophy.

hunting in nepal

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is an adventure to climb over natural rock or manmade rock across. Nowadays rock climbing has been most demanding sport. It is similar to scrambling; participants use hands and legs to climb up and to balance their weight while climbing. It has been physically and mentally demanding sport. In this adventure, they keep a mission to reach up to the hill which is end point of the destination. This game is also game to know own strength, power and ability, balance with mental control. It is also dangerous adventure sport. Climbers with proper and adequate knowledge can’t affect this adventure. Rock climbing is divided into different climbing styles and sub disciplines. It’s increasingly demanding adventure for visitors visiting Nepal. Balaju Rock climbing, Hattiban Rock Climbing, Thame Rock climbing are some of the famous rock climbing site in Nepal.

rock climbing in nepal


Canyoning is a activity including various outdoor techniques like scrambling, walking, jumping, swimming and climbing. South African People call this as Kloofing. Canyoning is an extreme sport. It is very popular in Europe. Now, you can enjoy canyoning in Nepal. It is recently started adventurous activity in Nepal. It involves abseiling. Nepal is giving canyoneer a freedom to explore the underwater beauty and landscapes. Canyoneer also use hiking and water running in this activity. Rope is essential material in this sport. The simple enjoyable rock water climbing canyon is now on Chitwan National park. It is a starting level of canyoning to younger children. It is natural water theme park experience to create the moment. Canyoning is such experience able and enjoyable activity water sport.



Paragliding in Nepal was started since 1995. It’s an adventure of flying in the sly with alone authorized pilot. It is relatively new sport adventure established in Nepal. It is very safest simplest way of experiencing the natural beauty. Paragliding is joy of flying in the sky. It is least expensive adventure of Nepal. People visiting Pokhara doesn’t leave place without paragliding. Paragliding gives chance to fly near the soar of Himalayas with eagles and griffins. It gives an ultimate experience to view the nature from high level. One can view lakes, temples, monasteries and villages from the adventure. Pokhara, Godawari, Phulchoki are the best place decided for paragliding. Pokhara has earned the best reputed place for paragliding throughout this year in whole world.


Sky Diving

Sky diving in Nepal provides you the opportunity of flying above the clouds with the view of Himalayas in 360 degree. The world’s highest skydiving is Everest Skydiving in Nepal. Nowadays Pokhara is popular for skydiving. You can relieve your moments in enjoying your adventure. Since 2013, Pokhara has been known for sky diving viewing the beautiful lakes and scene of Himalayas. Skydiving is getting poular by popular day by day. This adventure is an amazing adventure to feel fly on sky with beautiful moments of natural beauty and clouds.

Sky Diving in Nepal

Mountain flights

It is a short tour charter by helicopters in the mountainous valley. Mountain flights are accessible for visitors who are unable to trek over mountains. One who can trek over can experience the mountain flight. It is expensive mountain flight adventure than others. It gives you a chance to fly and view around mountains and their summits. You can take a one hour flight from Kathmandu and get a chance to view the different mountain range including Mt. Everest.  Mountain flights are offered by different airlines from the domestic airport in Kathmandu. It is most animated adventure you can experience in Nepal.

Mountain flight in Nepal

Zip Flying

Nepal has longest, fastest and steepest zip flying from all over the world. The zip flying site is only located in Pokhara. It provides the beautiful scene of Annapurna range and Pokhara lakes and valleys. The process of zip flying was started since 2012 in Nepal. Zip line in Nepal is just a zip line over Asia. Zip Flying is ultimate adventure experience able activity. Pokhara zip flying is 1.8 km long dangle 600 meters in the air with the speed of 140 km/hour. It is world tallest and longest zip line.

zip flying in nepal

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a performance class which contributes to development of healthy mind and healthy body. It helps to handle the personalities of one and its balance and development. Yoga is path to live healthily. What is better to do than by practicing yoga outside own nation with surrounding of natural beauties? There are various yoga retreats with practice of meditation in Nepal. The area in Himalayas is much famous for Yoga. There is much retreat even which offers daily classes for intensive course and highly recommended in Pokhara. Kathmandu has many Ayurveda healers and practitioners who are holding yoga as a primary source of treatment for illness. There are more yoga institutions around Thamel and tourist district. Though, Nepal is best country for yoga and meditation. Thousands of visitors visit Nepal for cure for their illness.

Yoga and MEditation
Yoga and Meditation in Nepal

Village Tours

Trekking towards village tour gives a chance to view traditional life of local people living around.Village tour is opportunity to understand the culture, tradition and custom of Nepali people with their lifestyles. More than seventy five percent of population of Nepal is dependent upon agriculture, animal husbandry, farming and fishing . It helps you to view the majority of people living in villages. Visitors can experience the time and season, weather cultivation of plants and crops. They can learn some skills of comprising in farming, cultivation and its collection. Visitors can learn about the joy of living in simple rural means of life. They can be nature friendly. There are facilities of local accommodation facility. Even this activity includes short trekking over villages. The trip gives chance to attend cultural programmes.

Village tour
Village Tour in Nepal

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is the fun activity which is experience able. In Nepal, Mountain Biking is fun as well as challenging event always. Nepal has geography with all suitable mountain biking trails. Nepal has extreme trails according to the need of every mountain bikers. The best time for mountain biking in Nepal is on mid October and late march. The weather becomes stable and weather act cool in morning and evening and hot in days. The climate remains temperate and atmosphere becomes clear.

Mountain Biking in monsoon is not safe. You can choose easy trails if you want to bike in monsoon months. You can avoid slippery way for monsoon seasons. Himalayan Hub’s mountain biking trip may include trip in city like historical places of Kathmandu and viewpoints like Nagarkot. There are several biking trip packages provided for tourist in Nepal. The number of Biking destination is increasing by new exploration and attraction every year.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking in Nepal

Shopping in Kathmandu

Kathmandu city the heart of Nepal is best place for shopping. “Shop till you Drop”. Many shops and galleries and boutiques in Kathmandu have something special for you and you loved ones. Fashionable to old designs Kathmandu offer every kind of clothes and things and every material for you. It makes you to come and visit again and again. There are numerous tourist shops and hotels in Kathmandu valley. You can buy different jewellery, cultural dresses, statues, etc if you want. The newa architecture is very famous in Tourism industry. The cultural and traditional forms are easily available in Kathmandu. The beautiful handicrafts are made and sell around the valley shops. You can experience shopping in kathmandu of Nepal.

Shopping in Nepal

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