Bandipur is a hilltop settlement municipality which lies in Tanahun District. It is one of the charming towns. This city is beautifully preserved by village. It is in Gandaki Zone of Nepal. This city is 143 km far from Kathmandu valley. This municipality is introduced in 2014 may 14 by merging Bandipur Village Development Committees and Dharampani. Bandipur is going increasing in tourism sector because of old cultures and its preservation. Nepal Census had population of 15,591 people in 2011 with 3750 households.

Geography and climate

Bandipur is 143km west of Kathmandu and 80 km west of Pokhara valley. It lies on Mahabharat range (mountain saddle). Different caste of people Brahmins, Newars, Chhetris, kamis, Kasais, Damais, Tamangs, and Newars live here.

The climate of Bandipur is mild and warm in temperature. The average temperature of Bandipur is 20.2 degree Celsius annually. Average rainfall measure in Bandipur is 2103 millimeter. The driest month experienced every year is in July. June is the warmest month with temperature of 25.2 degree Celsius. January is the lowest temperature month. It falls to 12.6 degree Celsius.

How to Reach Bandipur?

Many local buses are provided by the nearest city and towns to Bandipur. It takes around 4 hour 19 min to reach Bandipur by bus from Kathmandu via Prithivi Highway. It takes around 4 hour if you hire your private bus like car, jeep, vehicle, etc. Air way is accessible, daily flights are provided by airports and international airports. Train is available by India. Train station is 80 km away from Bandipur railway station.

Place of Interest to Visit

Seti Gandaki River

Seti Gandaki River is called as Seti River or Seti Khola. It is the left tributary of Trishuli River. This river is situating in western Nepal. It is very famous fro guide and Rafting. People worship this river as a Lord Vishnu. It is natural and great place to visit. This rive is holiest river of Nepal.

Siddha Gufa (Cave) Bimal Nagar

Siddha Gufa is located in Bandipur. This cave is popular trip cave about half a day hike. It is the largest cave in Nepal. This cave denotes home of bats. There is numerous numbers of bats, which is in overhead of cave. This cave is at 50 m high level and 437m deep. We can hike up cave form Prithivi highway. It takes about 45 minutes to reach.

Culture in Bandipur

The people living here have major influence on the heritage and culture of the village. Many art crafts like furniture, bamboo handicrafts, etc. are traditionally prepared by local population. They work as a honey herd and make honey which is very pure and good for health. Medicinal herbs are plenty available in far away jungles. Culture with aged Newari is most popular in this village. Newari food items provided in villages of restaurants can make trip more amazing.

Hotels in Bandipur

There are plenty of accommodation facilities available in area. Some of the famous hotels are:

  • Country Club Wildlife Resort Bandipur
  • Sterling Wayanad
  • The Windflower Jungle Resort and Spa Bandipur
  • The Serai Bandipur

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