Dharan is one of the sub-metropolitan cities out of two. It is located in Sunsari district. Dharan is very beautiful city. It is famous for cleanliness, temples, scenery, etc. Dharan is mostly famous for ‘churpi’ and other street foods. This city is located in the foothills of Mahabharat range. This city has population around ten thousand. The population mainly consists of magar, rai, tamang, etc. It serves trades for hilly region and Terai region. It is second largest city of eastern Nepal. This city is name as footballer producing city of Nepal. Dharan Municipality is find in 1960. Initially, it is divided into 11 wards. In 2014 Bishnupaduka Village Development of Committee was merge with Dharan and Sub metropolitan city was formed.

Geography and Climate

The name Dharan is A word derive from Nepali. It means a place where one saws a timber. A Dharan is construct by digging a rectangular plot of 5 to 6 feet deep. This hole is large and deep enough. A platform is construct over half of hole which is comfortably to move about. Timber is place on this platform. The platform of two man team, one standing on platform and other digging the platform saw timber of huge blade, this labor is very dangerous process.

The climate of Dharan is very mild, generally warm in temperature. In winter, there is much less rainfall, but in summer excessive rainfall is experience by people living here. The average temperature of Dharan is 23 degree Celsius till now.

Best Time to Visit

The middle year months (May, June, July and August) are very comfortable to visit. In this period, weather appears with high temperature in Dharan. These months see the most precipitation. 7 to 10 days of precipitation are seen per month. June- August is the busiest season for tourism in this city. During season of tourism, lodging and accommodation facilities may cost high than regular.

Places to Visit in Dharan

Budha Subba Temple

Budha Subba temple is a famous religious sector of eastern Nepal. This temple is located in Bijayapur of Dharan. It is believed that people who visit this temple brings Good luck and fulfill the wishes. This area consists of unique variety of Bamboo. It is popular destination for tourist. Varieties of Bamboo plant is observed in this area. This religious site is an ancient kirati shrine of Nepal.

Namaste Falls

Namaste Falls is an attractive place of natural beauty. It is a water fall. The falls is about 80 meter high and very attractive and beautiful.  Namaste Fall is located in Bhedetar Village Development committee. Domestic tourists are seen visiting this site. Reaching there is not much difficult. We can take their natural Bath. It is 7 km away from Bhedetar. It is well managed and secured waterfall.

Attraction of Dharan

  • Namje Bazar
  • Pindesor Temple
  • Pandakali Temple
  • Bijayapur
  • Dharan clock tower
  • Bhedetar Bazar
  • Hasina Wetland

Culture in Dharan

A different ethnic person conducts here ethnic programmes. Dhan Naach is very famous in this region. Dharan held Sakela competition every year for 15 days starting from Baisakh Sukla Purnima. People like Mongolian lives here. Rai, tamang, magar follows there festival like Dashain, Manghe Sankranti, Tihar, etc. Songs like folk song, lok geet, western songs are practice.

Hotel in Dharan

There are large numbers of hotels and lodges in Dharan which are manage neatly and cleanly. Some of the famous hotels are:

  • Hotel Gajur Palace
  • The Hotel Ambassador
  • Hotel Verandah
  •  ZamZam and Restaurants Hotel
  • Hotel Harrison palace
  • City Guest House and Family Restaurant

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