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The name Janakpur is compos of two words in the Devnagar Script i.e. ‘Janak’ and ‘Pur’ which mean ‘Father’ and ‘village’ a renowned place for pilgrimage respectively. Janakpurdham is the birthplace of Janaki, or Sita. Sita is the daughter of king Janak who married Lord Ram. Janakpur is very famous for Mithila region.  The biggest temple of Nepal, Shree Janaki Mandir lies in Janakpurdham. The only one railway of Nepal, Janakpur Railway continues to operate on its narrow track. Janakpurdham is the city having more than 115 ancient ponds of historical and mythological importance.  There are nearly 2000 villages. As the full moon cannot get complete shape without the full lunar night, a pilgrimage to all the sacred places cannot be considered complete with a pilgrimage of Mithila region. Janakpurdham is capital of province no. 2. It is the capital of king Janak’s ancient kingdom during treat Yug (nearly 12000 years ago). It is find in 18th century. The city is locating about 123 km away from Kathmandu. Janakpur city is in south-east of Kathmandu valley. As 2015, the population of city was 173,924. It is third largest city of Terai and 7th largest city of Nepal.

Geography and Climate

In the north part summers are cool and winters severe. In south summers are tropical and winter are mild. The temperature is south of Terai summer exceeds to 37 degree Celsius and higher more in some areas. Winter temperatures ranges to 7 degree Celsius from 23 degree Celsius in Terai.

Best Time to Visit Janakpur

The best time to visit Janakpur is from September to April, when major festivals are held. The months from May to August rise up to 40 degree Celsius. In summer season, we except local people living there can suffer a lot. We haven’t  habitat of living in much temperarure.

How to Reach Janakpur?

There are regular flights from Kathmandu to Janakpur. There are regular buses from different parts and cities of Nepal. Visitors of India may arrive here from Jayanagar and Bhitthamore. It is 123 km far away from Kathmandu valley. The nearest Airport in Janakpur is Janakpur Airport. Local Transport is find after reaching there.

Places of Interest to Visit Janakpur

Janaki Mandir

The temple was build by Queen Vrisha Bhanu in 1910 A.D. This temple is called Nau Lakha Mandir. It is said Nau Lakha Mandir because it took 900,000 (9 lakhs) to construct the temple at that time. Sita lived here most her life until she was married to lord Ram. As this a temple dedicated to Sita. This temple is constructed where Sita was born. It is a temple of Ramayana which truly revote story of Ram and Sita.

Ram Mandir

This pagoda temple was built in 1782 By Amar Singh Thapa. It is the oldest temple in Janakpur. This temple lies on the western banks of the holy Dhanusha Sagar and to the west of Janaki Mandir with ancient idols. The gilded roof was bestowed by Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher in 1907. It devotes Lord ram. Prayers are held in temple. temple opens in special occasion.

Other places to visit

  • Jaleshwar
  • Shree Janak Mandir
  • Dulha Dulhan Mandir
  • Dhanushadham
  • Ganga Sagar
  • Ratna Sagar
  • Agni Kunda

Hotels in Janakpur

  • Welcome Hotel
  • Hotel City Star
  •  Raj durbar Hotel
  • Hotel cloud 9
  • Rama Hotel

Culture in Janakpur

Unique cultural dances like Jata-Jatin, Jhijhiya are practice. Folk Dances, songs and Dramas are view here. Mithila paintings and Folk arts are famous over here. Many festivals like holi, ram nawami, etc. are celebrate here. There are many other festivals conduct anually in janakpurdham. Cultural dances of Loka Sankirtnas are like General Loka Sankritan, Jhanki Loka  Sankirtan, Bishaya Sankritan, Jhanki Vivaha Sankritan.

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