Sirubari Village

Sirubari Village is situated in Syangja district. It lies in the south west of the Pokhara. Village is situate 1700 m above from sea level. The concept of Village tourism was firstly introduce in Sirubari Village. Many village tourism products of Sirubari are in market nowadays like ‘Sirubari Topi’ is famous now. The village start initiate different than others. Sirubari village tourism started in 1997. The most interesting part in Sirubari is management done by local people to introduce their culture, tradition. Tourist are more interest in this village because of the local people. They provide accommodations, local foods, drinking water facility, walking experience, etc. Sightseeing, village houses, Annapurna mountain range view is main doing activities over here. Gurung culture and tradition, local food production, local tourism materials are the major attraction of Sirubari village.

 Geography and Climate

Sirubari Village is located in up hill with beautiful view of nature. The main occupation of people living here is agriculture and second is tourism. They produce Maize, wheat, barley, and many other foods. People of village crop down Kitchen garden vegetables and sell down to the town. They provide accommodation themselves. Their source of economy is tourism. Sirubari Village is very reach in Flora and Fauna. They preserve every creature beautifully. There are around 60 houses in Sirubari. They provide accommodation with Gurung life Style. The houses are built with local materials. The houses are beautiful and comfortable.

Sirubari won PATA Golden Award 2001 in heritage and culture.

The Climate of Sirubari is pleasant. The atmosphere remains clear. Normally season is like summer, winter, rainy, spring, autumn and monsoon. The perfect time in Sirubari is September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June.

How to Reach Sirubari?

You can take daily basis flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The flights are provided daily from airport. You can drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu by local bus or private car/jeep. You can hire next bus or same private bus from Pokhara to Sirubari village. It takes around 2 hour 52 min to reach village from Pokhara city.

Cultures in Sirubari

Sirubari village is a village full of culture, tradition and heritage of Gurung life style. They celebrates festival like Loshar, New Year, Dashain, Deewali, Buddha Jayanti, Sankratis, etc. They practice dances like Ghanto Naach, Maruni Naach, Sorathi Naach, etc. Men and women sing song of Dohori like battle. They celebrate Hinduism and Buddhism. They put on White Tika in Dashain.

Accommodation facility

There are no suitable star hotels in this region. Lodging and staying facility are given by local people. They provide faiclity in their own house. They provide Facility in their local traditions and rituals. People try their best to give the proper facility. They provide local production of foods. You can experience the best event in village.

Sirubari Village Tour Package

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