The word Chitwan is derived from the word Sanskrit i.e. “chitta” means heart and “wana” means jungle. The whole world speaks with heart of the jungle. This district is one of the districts on 77 districts. It is located in southwestern part of Nepal of Province no.3 with Bharatpur. Chitwan is the fourth largest city of Nepal. It covers an area of 2238.39 square km. It had a population of 579,984 according to the census 2011. This city is one of the parts of the Inner Terai. It includes with Mahabharat Range. Chitwan originally was a dense forest.

Geography and Climate

Originally, village was the dense forest ruled by kings. There are many herbs, medicines, animals, wild cats, etc. in this jungle. The people living here mostly are depended upon agriculture. They reproduce cash crops like maize, wheat, barley, etc. and export to the capital city and many other countries. Chitwan is the high maize producing district over Nepal. This city is also famous for mustard and mustard oil production.

Usually, there are three seasons majorly experienced in this city. Summer starts from March to early June. Monsoon starts beginning in the June. Winter ranges from October to last of February. January is the coldest month in this region.

How to reach chitwan?

The distance between Kathmandu and Chitwan is 97.7 km. You can take a flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur. It takes around 47 min to reach Bharatpur from Kathmandu. Then you can hire a taxi, or private bus which takes ½ hour to reach chitwan from Bharatpur airport. You can travel from Kathmandu to chitwan direct from bus. It takes around 5-7 hours to reach by local bus from Kathmandu.

Places of Interest to Visit

Narayani River

Narayani River is known as Gandaki River. It is the major river of Nepal. It flows over 46,300 sq km. This river is notice as deepest river. The river is the ancient epic of Mahabharat. Gandaki River is highly use in many facilities like hydropower and irrigation facility to both Nepal and India. You can view Kali Gandaki Gorge. Boating near the beach of River is done. You can raft over Kali Gandaki River there. It is naturally beautiful place situate in country. It is the major attraction .Water is combine from the mountainous region.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is establish in 1973. It covers an area of 932 sq km. It is situate in south central of Nepal.This  National Park is in subtropical place of Chitwan. This place is the major attraction of this District. Thousands of people visits Chitwan National Park in a year. Chitwan National Park is famous for Jungle safari, animal sightseeing. The park is surround by Rapti and Narayani Rover from North. It is the first National Park of Nepal. This national park is largest national park comparing to others.

Cultures of Tharu

Chitwan is basically a place of Tharu. This city is very famous for tharu culture. Tharu are the original tribe of this region. Many castes of people like Chaudhary, Jha live here. Mithila Paintings are famous over here. Many cultural programmes are conduct in this region to preserve their culture. They celebrate festival like Udhauli, Uvauli, Holi, etc. Tharu and Chaudhary  take their main festival as Chaath. They practice their own types of songs and dances like Dandiya, etc.


Some of the famous hotels located here are:

  • Kasara Resort
  • Jagatpur Lodge
  • Hotel Parkside
  • Center park Resort
  • Landmark Forest Park
  • Sapana Village Lodge
  • Seven Star Hotel

Chitwan Tour Package

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