Hile is a hill site located 13 km north from centre of Dhankuta Bazaar. It is located in eastern part of Nepal. It is a hill town. Hile Bazaar is famous over here. It occupies largest in area of Bazaar of Hile. It is a village surrounded by hills. People who visits Dhankuta, visits Hile too. It is lively famous for its Bazaar. Hile town is more famous for its local production and accommodation. This place is famous more for the millet flour ‘tongba’.  The Bazaar has Thursday specialty. Hile was the beginning point of camping to trek Makalu.

Geography and Climate

It is a little settlement of spirited people living around. Hile Bazaar is just half an hour to visit. It is lively surround than Dhankuta. People with different castes live around here. There are number of simple lodges here. Tourist specially is attracted by the local lodges and this is the income source of the people living in the town. It is no longer the trekking town as before but it has an amazing point of mountainous view after walking 30 minutes above from the town.

The best time to visit Hile is autumn and spring. Autumn and spring falls between October to December and February to April. Temperature in Hile is wild mild and temperate. The summer ranges from 22 degree celsius to 33 degree celsius. Winter ranges from 9 degree celsius t 29 degree celsius.

How to Reach Hile?

Hile is 65 km away from Dharan. There are many local buses available to reach Hile. The major transportation is public bus. You also can hire your private bus/jeep/car/taxi or bike. The distance between Kathmandu and Hile is 446.4 km. It takes around 9-10 hours to drive fro Kathmandu. You also can take flight from the airport. It takes 3 hour 53 min to reach from plane to hile.

 Cultures in Hile

Hile Bazaar is also famous for trade. People with different castes live around here. The main people of caste living around this region are Tamang and Sherpa from west. In south, Indian and Newari trades are famous. Rai’s are famous among hillside trade. ‘Bhotiyas’ over here run lodges. One of the famous thing over Hile is about Bhotiyas kitchen like Millet beer (tongba).

Hotels in Hile

There are many local accommodation provided in Hile. Hile is very famous for their small lodges also. Some of the best hotels in or near Hile Bazaar are;

  • Hotel Himali & Lodge
  • Hotel Makalu View
  • Bista Hotel & Lodge

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