Biratnagar is a metropolitan city .This town is capital of province no.1 Nepal. It is second most populated area of Nepal. The first one is capital city Kathmandu. It is the city with high population. It is counted in fourth most populous city. The population is 214,663 according to the last census of Nepal. It has cover 77.5 square km of area. Biratnagar is located in Morang District. It was in Koshi Zone before in Terai Region. It is 6 km away from north of Jogbani border of India state of Bihar. The old name of the city was Gograha Bazaar. Biratnagar is a historical place.

Geography and Climate

Biratnagar was declares as a metropolitan city on 2017, may 22. It became metropolitan city along with Birgunj. It is the is third most populated city. Kathmandu and Pokhara are two major populated cities. Biratnagar have Biratnagar jute mills production. This Jute Mills is the first large scale industry of Nepal. Biratnagar is economic centre of eastern part of our Nepal. There are more than 600 industries and Land ports in Biratnagar. Biratnagar is industrial sector of Nepal. There are less unemployed people in this city. All industries and factories provide employment and job opportunities to people. There are many religious places, gardens and temples in Biratnagar.

Biratnagar climate is warm and temperate. It faces lots of rainfall in summer. The average temperature of Biratnagar is 24.3 degree celsius annually. The average rainfall is 1898 mm annually. December faces least amount of rainfall. The temperature becomes highest in August with 28.9 degree celsius. January is the coldest month in Biratnagar with temperature of 12.9 degree celsius. Temperature varies from 12.7 degree celsius in year.

How to reach?

There are various methods to reach Biratnagar from Kathmandu. The distance between Kathmandu and Biratnagar is 377.5 km. Air way transport is cost able, comfortable, faster, and easier way of transportation. It takes 54 minutes to reach Biratnagar from Kathmandu. It takes 6 hour to reach Biratnagar from Kathmandu by travelling through Bus/jeep. Daily local bus is available from Kathmandu. You can hire your own type of choice of travel. You can travel to Raxaul from Kathmandu  then you can take train to Jogbani, Biratnagar. It takes 26 hour. Train is available only once a week.

Places of Interest

Gopal Fun Park

This fun park is 500 meter far from Hatkhola Biratnagar. It is near the highway. This place is good for boating and adventure walk. Gopal Fun Park is the largest park in Biratnagar. It covers 13 bighas area of span. It has a very cool environment. People can spend time here with families, friends and kids. It has a specialty of natural par and fountains, canteens, boating, rope climbing, commando net, etc.

Barju Lake

Barju Tal is largest manmade lake in Nepal. The place is a quite nice. This place is a picnic spot too. The lake is huge where you can enjoy boating. It is spreading over 160 Bighas of land. This place is the place for bird seeker and photographers. It is 2 km far away from Market. 4 seated boats are available in the lake for boating in lake tour and to visit temples. It closes after 5 p.m. It is going more for infrastructural development.


Majority of people are Brahmin and Chetri community here in Biratnagar. Birat Rajbanshi is the local castes of here. People like chaudhary, Tharu, Jha lives here. The main language is Nepali. People speaks Maithili in large portion here. People here follows religion here Hinduism mostly, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. They celebrate main festival dashain and Tihar. The main festival which they celebrate with priority is Krishna Janmasthami, Chhath and Ramadan.

Hotels in Biratnagar

  • OYO 333 Hotel Shree Krishna
  • Hotel Harrison Palace
  • OYO 330 Yara Hotel & Lodge

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