Chepang Village

Usually, chepang means the people who live away from the society and normal people in jungles. Similarly, chepang village is a village where these types of humans are still living with their own cultures and traditions. They speak their own language. Their language is name as Chey-bang. They live far from the modern society. Some people call them as ‘Praja’. Some caste similar to them who speaks as same like language is Raute and Raji. Chepang people are categorize as poorest people of Nepal. Many people like chepang are find to be suffering from malnutrition because of lack of nutrition and protein. Chepang Village is in mid hill of Nepal.

Geography and Climate

Chepang people are mostly find in Dhading, Chitwan, Gorkha, Makwanpur and Tanahun District. There are around 52,237 chepang people in our country according to census 2011. Most of the chepang people are find to be from different religion of Hindu most and Christian, Buddhist, and others. Chepang people are not educated because they live far from the modern society. They are the reason for illiteracy. They think that forest is the source of their food. Recently, many modern factors have been entered in their life of modern society but still many are left.

Chepang village lies in moderate climate altitude zone.  This region is on comfortable zone. In rainy season, the weather may discomfort for trekking. Spring can be the best season to trek over the chepang village/hill. The best time to visit Chepang Gaun is September to December and February to June.

How to Reach Chepang Gaun?

Chepang village lies in zone of Chitwan. It is 80 km away from Kathmandu to southwest direction. It is about 64 km far through Prithivi Highway. You can hire a private bus to reach there. It is easily accessible and comfort way of transportation to reach there. It takes 2 hour – 3 hour from Prithivi Highway.

Things to do in Chepang Village

You can trek there. The starting point of trekking is Hugdi and it ends to Sakthikhor. The trekking can be joining to Rafting in Trishuli River to the Chitwan National Park. Sightseeing can be done. You can see beautiful home villages with local people. There can be view their culture, traditions and meals. You can stay in the beautiful places and view the panoramic view of jungles and animals.

Culture in Chepang village

They speak their own languages. Chepang people have their own traditions and cultures. They celebrate festival as normal society celebrates. Dashain, Tihar and Sankratis are celebrate by them beside their own festivals. Mainly Hinduism and Christians are religion they follow. Buddhism is follow by some chepang. They worship many earth deities like earth, land and Sun.

Thus, it’s a village area there’s no any accommodation facilities like lodging and staying. If you want then you yourself should manage the accommodation.

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