Kakani is a Village Development Committee situate in Nuwakot district. It lies in Province no.3 of Nepal on central Part. The population was 7,816 according to the census Nepal 1991. Recently, the place has been developed high with sport adventurous like bike riding, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, etc. We can have their different mountainous range view which is amazing. Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Manaslu, etc. mountains are view. This place is ultimate destination for relaxation, adventure and picnic activities. Kakani has been more popular nowadays for picnic.

Geography and Climate

It is a hill station. Kakani is a well known place for hiking and cycling. It is situate on North West of Kathmandu. It is best place for cultivation of strawberries. Strawberry of this palce is famous over Kathmandu. The forest of Kakani is full of Rhododendron trees. In late winter, one who visits this place can enjoy the rhododendrons. Trees like Oak and alpine tree are find in jungles. There’s a picnic spot above. It is a place where people enjoy the view of different mountainous range.

The climate of the place is warm in temperature. In summer, rainfall occurs a lot than. Rainfall occurs less in winter. The average temperature in Kakani is 15 degree Celsius annually.  The driest month is December. January is coldest month and June is the warmest month. In winter temperature falls to 8.3 degree Celsius.

How to Reach?

Kakani is 24 km far away from Kathmandu Valley. You can reach to destination through any mean of transportation. It takes 30-40 min to reach there from Kathmandu. You can hire a bus/taxi/car to reach there. You can reach there by doing cycling and trekking or hiking.


Some famous hotels in are:

  • Hotel Kakani Mountain View
  • View Himalaya Resort

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