Daman is one of the most popular beautiful cities. It is located in Makwanpur District. This place lies on the central part of Nepal. It is situated above 2,322 meter above the sea level. Daman is located between the Kathmandu and Hetauda town. This place is part of Thaha Municipality in Province no.3.  It is a place which is especially famous for picnics. There is a beautiful botanical garden in Daman. It is the largest botanical garden and oldest botanical garden. This garden is full of Rhododendron. This place is very fair for hiking, trekking, rock climbing, fishing in Kulekhani, etc. The way you can enjoy the trip is walking around with foot.

Geography and Climate

Daman is being attractive place in today’s time. The beautiful scenery of village and natural beauties is making Daman more attractive. There are lots of picnic spot. It provides the certain place to enjoy the place. Just one day is enough to trip Daman. You can take a rest from daily life and works here. A little village gives you the enjoyment of relaxation and enjoyment. The mountainous view of Dhaulagiri and Everest is very fair from here.

Daman has Tropical climate. The average temperature is 26.8 degree Celsius annually observed. 1899 mm rain falls here annually in average. May is the month with highest temperature of 30 degree Celsius. January is coldest month. The temperature falls in 23 degree Celsius. In summer, rain falls more than in winter. It is the area where rain fall occurs in high amount.

How to Reach Daman?

The distance between Kathmandu and Daman is 55.7 km through Prithivi Highway. It takes around 3 hour to reach Daman from Kathmandu by bus. You also can hire Car/Jeep for your comfort. You also can travel adventurously. If you want by cycling, biking. Cycling and Biking is the most use transportation to hike over Daman.

Places of Interest in Daman

Daman Mountain Resort View Tower

The best Himalaya View can be viewed from this tower.

Shree Rikheshwar Mahadev Mandir

It is 1 km far away from the Daman village. This temple is temple of Mahadev. It is said that Lord Shiva took rest here when he was travelling the world. He was carrying his death beloved wife. He just hit the big rock with his weapon and water came through two stones.

Mountain Botanical Gardens

It is just in the top of Mountain resort view tour. Botanical Garden covers 15 hectares of land in Jungle. February, March, April and May are the best month to visit this place. Rhododendrons blooms in these months.


The people of Daman are Hindu and Buddhist by their religion. They celebrate festivals like Garba festival and Folk Dance Festival. Vera dance is one of the popular dances in their culture. They celebrate each festival from Manghe sankrati starting of year to the end Christmas.

Hotels in Daman

  • Everest Panorama Resort

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